Focus Softnet Launches AI Powered Voice Interface 'Qbixe for QuickBooks Users

Focus Softnet is going to participate in the ‘Accounting and Finance Show – ME’ for the year 2019 as a silver sponsor. In what can be termed as good news for accounts and finance managers, Focus Softnet unveils 'Qbixe,' a Voice User Interface platform designed for QuickBooks users at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, California (Nov 6-8, 2019).

Focus Softnet Launches AI Driven Voice Interface 'Qbixe for QuickBooks Users

As the VUI function of Focus Softnet’s recently launched AI platform AIFA (Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications), Qbixe empowers QuickBooks users to use the platform through voice and text, which means that even those who are not adept at the accounting platform can access data through the voice user interface. Users can also use Qbixe to analyse data and create reports.

Focus Softnet has paired its NLP and AI engine along with its advanced reporting features in Qbixe, making it an agile and adept VUI to access complex accounting data. QuickBooks users can now tap into any area of financials, inventory, vendors or other reports through Qbixe and feel the ease of navigation across the platform.

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