Focus Softnet Makes Cloud Migration for Focus 9 ERP Users During COVID-19 Crisis

Focus Softnet, a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, is letting its on-premiseFocus9users a free migration to Cloud server during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is facilitating this to ensure that critical business operations are not hampered and enable customers to work from home. Users would be able to use the cloud ERP software for free for 3 months.

Focus Softnet Makes Cloud Migration Free to Support Focus 9 ERPUsers During COVID-19 Crisis

Focus Softnet’s application includes assistance with finance and accounting, customer service, marketing, human resource, production and other tools for front-office and back-office work - all of these would be available for free. This is compounded with no-contract policy, which aids in the hassle-free transition and would allow users to migrate back to on-premise servers, after three months, if they wish so.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, working from home has become inevitable for many businesses trying to safeguard their employees from spending time in a crowded place for too long and from fears of getting infected or spreading the highly contagious virus.

As the COVID-19 takes its toll, offices had to closed due to the government's attempt to enforce social distancing and ward off the spread.

Focus Softnet makes the Cloud migration free with the purpose of helping businesses stay afloat amid the global pandemic stress.