Focus Softnet Manages Your Restaurant

Software Development Company launches Focus Restaurant Point of Sale. Focus Softnet has launched its new Restaurant Management software, Focus e-RMS to offer restaurants greater operational efficiencies and more loyal customers.

Focus Softnet Manages Your Restaurant

"Restaurants are increasingly looking for cost-effective ways to manage their daily operations efficiently, optimize resources, improve customer service and in turn gain stronger customer loyalty," says Ali Hyder, CEO of Focus Softnet. "We developed Focus RMS, our mobile restaurant management software, to help restaurant owners streamline their operations and enhance operational efficiency without having to use complex and expensive software solutions or go through the tedious process of using a number of spreadsheets for each segment of their business. Focus RMS is an easy-to-use software, which can be easily integrated with our enterprise solutions - Focus RT and Focus i."

Focus RMS is a Point of Sale software designed to offer a complete solution, right from taking orders to billing and tax reports. The user interface is optimised with the latest touch screen ability for high speed input of the customer’s order and to prevent common mistakes. The software is specially designed for use on multiple devices ranging from billing computers to PDAs and mobiles, and offers the restaurants reliable and secure authorisation levels.

With Focus RMS, the layouts of the guest bill can be customized, and the program can be set up for any currencies and taxes. For managers, there is a rich set of reports that shows a complete picture of restaurant operations and lifecycles.