Focus Softnet to Unveil a Leading-Edge Business Solution Focus 9 at GITEX Technology Week 2018

Focus Softnet would demonstrate its latest leading-edge solution, Focus 9 for the first time at GITEX Technology Week 2018, bringing a remarkable shift in the way businesses deal with their data and operations. Drawing power from in-memory technology, Focus Softnet’s innovation provides a superior database infrastructure built to provide high-speed analysis of real-time data.

Focus Softnet to Unveil a Leading-Edge Business Solution Focus 9 at GITEX Technology Week 2018

The highly challenging businesses environment today expects an immediate response on to any dispute, highlighting the need for an efficient analytical system. With swift report generation from real-time data, organizations can overcome issues and develop timely strategies to meet business expectations.

Live data is becoming one of the most powerful means to positively impact business performance.

While acknowledging the supremacy of in-memory system, Focus 9 enterprise solution also possesses multiple industry-ready templates. This drastically limits the deployment cost and time, while keeping their ability to perform efficiently intact.

GITEX 2018 visitors would witness how Focus 9 ERP solution allows organizations to gain unique advantage from business data and process integration. This platform would speed-up the analytical report generation process, bring business process automation, and device independence accessibility, thus helping organization constantly improve its performance.

Furthermore, at GITEX event Focus Softnet would also demonstrate its other ERP solutions. The development priorities for these software applications are based on usability, accessibility, and compliance with government regulations. Industry verticals that can take advantage of these solutions include manufacturing, construction, distribution, retail, services, real estate, automotive, healthcare, and more. These software systems also allow extensive customization to improve dashboard capabilities, largely helping administrators attain complete control over its functionality. Thus these products provide superior user experience, facilitating a truly connected business.

Exceptional industry-ready ERP systems continue to differentiate Focus Softnet from its competitors. The extensive range of enterprise solutions offer several ease-of-use dedicated modules, which improve functionality and save time. The streamlined processes and automation enhance organizations’ capabilities. It improves overall control and reduces operating costs.

Focus Softnet is incorporating ground-breaking technology to build its intelligent software solutions, which provides a unified platform to bring business growth through operational efficiency.

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