FocusLyte: Focus Softnet’s Latest Accounting Solution for VAT and GST

Focus Softnet is coming up with a marketing-ready accounting solution ‘FocusLyte’, mainly suitable for small and medium scale business establishments. The most important feature of FocusLyte is its compliance with the newly implemented tax laws, namely VAT in GCC countries and GST in India. “FocusLyte is a bi-lingual SaaS based application ready to put you live with VAT and GST compliant features as required by tax authorities in UAE, KSA and India” said Mr. Ali Hyder, Group CEO of Focus Softnet.

Focus Softnet

He also added that customers can upgrade to a higher version of Focus ERP if their needs increase, without worrying about data migration. “The higher versions of Focus ERP are compatible with FocusLyte’s data structure. Customers can avail upgraded features with a hassle free data migration.” He added.

Apart from an informative BI dashboard and a user-friendly user interface, FocusLyte enables users to automate Tax-Code in documents and print/mail custom-based tax Invoice with all the basic requirements.