5 Key Features Your Manufacturing ERP System Must Have

Aug 29, 2018
Nandinee Biswas
manufacturing erp system features manufacturing erp system features

Manufacturing plants have a number of complex processes and each is equally important for businesses to flourish efficiently. Visibility into all these aspects is virtually impossible without the right tools, which is what manufacturing applications comprise of.

Choosing the right manufacturing ERP system for your company can be quite tricky. Here are five key features that an enterprise resource planning software must have to improve the functionality of all the business activities.

Robust inventory tracking

Manufacturing plants deal with raw material and the finished goods inventory. Raw material management is the process of keeping track of all appropriate material required to ensure that the business carries on uninterrupted manufacturing processes. On the other hand, finished goods inventory includes products that the manufacturing plant has produced, and they need to be managed to keep track of how and when they would be transported to the warehouses or customers.

This is where many manufacturing plants experience challenges as these two processes must be synchronized to avoid inappropriate or insufficient production, which would bring customer dissatisfaction, wastage, and other losses to the business.

Keeping watch on these manually is quite impossible. For this, you need a robust ERP software that can track complete inventory. The automated application would help reduce human errors and improve inventory management like raw materials re-ordered needs or track the delivery dates of the finished goods, etc., thus keeping your manufacturing plant running seamlessly.

manufacturing erp software

Effective distribution requirement planning

Manufacturing business needs access to both previous and real-time data to forecast the production needs. This is possible when all of your company’s data is stored in one centralized database provided by an ERP system to enable easy and effective handling.

Along with this, an ideal manufacturing ERP software must also include modern analytics and business intelligence (BI) features to provide complete monitoring for various operations in the plant to ensure that all inventories are accurate and appropriate for current manufacturing and delivery scheduling levels.

Active quality control

Quality management is one of those critical areas in a manufacturing plant that needs serious monitoring. Manufacturing defects in the end product can cost an organization not just money, but also puts business reputation at stake. So, your ERP solution must have features associated with quality management. This would allow you to set and actively maintain desired levels of quality in every stage of the manufacturing process. The managers get alert whenever products do not meet the standards, enabling them to act promptly and resolve the problem faster, mostly before an entire lot is complete.

Complete process automation

Automation saves time and eliminates human error. It helps to free up administrative hours that can be invested into higher-return activities. The ERP software you choose must be able to integrate all the operations in your manufacturing plant including quality control, manufacturing, bill of materials (BOM) management, purchase, and sales record, stock and human resource etc. The streamlined processes allow access to real-time data and thus enable businesses to have better control over all practices in the establishments.

Well-defined project life-cycle management

Every manufactured product has a life cycle. This includes a series of stages that it undergoes, from conception through production to distribution. An ERP solution with well-defined project life-cycle management feature allows an organization to monitor and manage all these stages, resulting in improved product quality, reduced costs, quicker identification of potential sales opportunities, quality optimization and reduced wastage of resources among other advantages.

An ERP software is not just a system manufacturers need to make their everyday processes more organized. It is a tool that empowers businesses with capabilities that would help them to stay competitive.

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