5 Top ERP Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Dec 31, 2018
Nandinee Biswas
erp trends 2019 erp trends 2019

As technology solves various challenges, the business landscape is presenting more pressing demands with every passing day. Companies wishing to keep pace with this evolution need to equip themselves with business solutions that would help them align and prepare for present and future challenges. The following trends have been selected by business experts to watch out for as we usher in 2019.

Augmenting human capabilities

With BItaking the front seat, the new ERP systems manifest as more intelligent solutions that are expected to provide deep and real-time insights of core business areas and assist organizations in bringing greater success in terms of operational efficiencies, productivity, and sales.

The advanced ERP software solutions activate automation with superior predictive intelligence capabilities. This is experienced platform-wide, across the complete spectrum of core business operations. The business intelligence and analytical features are added to form integral parts of the systems. Thus, the new ERPs satiate organizations’ quest to find reliable tools that are not just used for capturing data, but also help businesses to make meaningful sense of the information and augment human capabilities.

No one-size-fits-all system

Every organization is different and so is their business needs. Customization of ERP systems to support these requisites often take an extensive amount of time. The future ERPs would wipe out this one-size-fits-all approach. As a result, instead of investing in software modifications, ERP users would receive industry-ready solutions, tailored to support unique industry requirements. Beyond this, the standardization of components enables businesses to make the deployment process significantly swift.

erp trends 2019

Increased importance of security

With the world witnessing data security breaches on a massive scale, businesses are becoming more inclined to invest of reliable and strong security mechanisms. The year 2019 would witness this inclination tilt faster as organizations would want security mechanisms that apart from protecting business data, do not hamper access and usability, so that the speed and functionality remains intact.

Power of real-time insights

The modern ERP architectures are changing. They now support real-time responses that make inherent sense. To enable this at scale, new ERPs leverage on in-memory computing and analytical processing, which allow systems to generate reports from data captured as close to real time as possible.

This smart application infrastructure would successfully transform the way traditional ERP systems executed the processes, thus equipping businesses with the power of real-time insights to make more successful planning and forecasting.

More personalized UI

Forward-thinking enterprises trust capable ERP systems as the key contributors to their business growth. Unlike legacy ERPs, these solutions must be flexible enough to support personalization and can be integrated to have more intuitive user interfaces. Future ERP applications need this transition to provide more assistive and conversational user experiences.

Your ERP software is no more just a record-keeper anymore. The addition of business intelligence ingredient has converted it into a powerful tool that has every capability to improve operations and execute impeccable services.

At Focus Softnet, we look forward to supporting your business-critical requirement and unleash the potential of your resources. Our agile ERP solutions are designed following the trends in 2019, which can help your business to become future ready and increase competitiveness. To keep up with upcoming ERP trends, read through the blog or simply check with us to book a consultation or free demo.

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