5 Ways In Which ERP Brings ROI For A Business

Jun 20, 2018
Nandinee Biswas
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Running a business efficiently requires you to streamline your resources and invest their valuable time in working on the substantive matters rather than handling a pool of redundant paperwork. This is exactly what enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions can do. Before we begin to delve into what ERP tool is capable of doing and the ways in which ERP brings ROI for a business, here is a brief explanation of what the term actually refers to.

ERP software is an automated control system, that allows a business to manage the core processes related to technology, finance, human resources, services, and others. This contributes to the increase in efficiency of the workforce by utilizing time effectively. Many organizations think that installing an ERP solution can incur extra costs to their businesses, but in actuality, a successful implementation needs just a few months to bring maximum return on investment.

Here are the 5 ways in which ERP brings ROI for a business.

Integrate information sharing

One of the biggest advantages of an ERP software is that it is built on a single platform, which can be used to monitor the comprehensive database of different departments and processes within the organization. This integration allows users for a rational decision-making to improve their business.

When the business data is hosted on multiple platforms, overseeing and managing them becomes somewhat difficult. In that scenario, the data needed to be first be consolidated then it can be used to generate reports and analytics that drives actionable decision making. The process involved is comparatively more complicated and time-consuming than the one offered by an integrated software.

Increase efficiency

In an organization, huge amounts of money are spent on updating and managing data for different functions. The task is exhausting and involves a lot of effort from the employees. Also, there is a chance that you get duplicate entries. An ERP software for your business can provide solutions to all these issues. The purpose of this software is to automate different operations and reduce human intervention. This saves money, eliminates error and repetition, and thus saves the valuable time, leading to enhancement in efficiency and overall productivity of the resources. Employees can invest time to work towards the improvement of business processes. Naturally, the ROI from ERP solution increases with time.

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Real-time data access and governance

The moment an ERP software is installed, you are able to check the live report, up-to-date or real-time information about your business across all the departments. The platform provides secured access to reliable data, allowing you to conduct a complete analysis, thus help in making agile business planning and informed business decisions suitable for today’s highly competitive business environment.

With the cloud-based ERP, there is also an immediate advantage in mobility. Be it the sales person or other staff, all employees can be easily equipped with accurate information that is accessible anytime and anywhere they have a Wi-Fi or a mobile internet connection.

Improve inventory management

An improved inventory management ensures a better mechanism to control operations like production, distribution, warehousing, and more. An ERP system keeps track of these and provides you with up-to-date information on inventory and stocks. This keeps the level of inventory under control, minimizes the shortages or other interruptions, and enhances the production efficiency. Thus, helping you plan future production much ahead of time.

Reduce cost

Finally, a powerful ERP, when implemented with a clear understanding of the business, can save huge amounts of money by reducing undesirable operating costs. The thoughtfully designed software improves procurement and payment protocols to reduce materials cost, improves staff allocation to reduce overtime and labor cost, along with reducing the cost incurred in the administration and other regulatory compliances. Thus, eventually letting the organization get maximum ROI.

Making an early start with implementing an ERP software will bring ROI sooner. It will be the beginning of your more organized business, eliminating unnecessary processes and manual data entry efforts, minimizing errors and duplicate entries, thus saving valuable time and money, which ultimately contributes to profitability and overall return on investment.

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