6 Reasons Why Construction Industry Need ERP Solution

Aug 08, 2018
Nandinee Biswas
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Every company explores ways of simplifying their processes, minimize costs, and maximize profits to remain competitive, something that is more evident in the construction industry. With the evolving demands of the customers and many other issues changing the business world, construction companies are facing several challenges. The major question in the face of such challenges is how to maintain a proper workflow? This is where enterprise resource planning (ERP) software play a huge role.

Streamline operations

Any construction company would be dealing with numerous processes on a daily basis. Larger establishments even handle more than one client’s building projects at any given point of time, because of which tracking operations become quite tedious and confusing. One of the major reasons for an establishment to implement an ERP system is their need to automate operations and track them. This saves time, improves data accuracy, and reduces human errors.

An effective ERP solution ensures all the business functions pass through a single database, providing greater collaborations and improve information sharing among the various departments in the organization.

Optimize project management

Construction phase in any project entails a lot of activities including supplies, inventories, assets, and resources. Records of these are always needed for effective scheduling of workflow. Again, improper planning within the framework would lead to a delay in delivery, substandard project delivery, and even incur heavy losses for the firm in the form of operation costs and loss of clientele. An ERP system has the ability to track and store data to generate an accurate analysis of raw materials, manpower utilization, architectural design, and resource allocation to optimize project management. Web-based construction software also allows role-based access control for authorized users to seamlessly get all the information from anywhere across the world. This avoids unnecessary downtime and other complications throughout the duration of the project.

Integrated management tools

In a construction company, many business functions work simultaneously towards the successful completion of any project. Having a standardized platform which connects all these modules into a single system improves data management and increase the efficiency of it.

Among the advantages of the ERP software is the inclusion of the business intelligence tool. It facilitates dynamic analysis of real-time financial, inventory, labor, machinery, and other operational data calculated on a timely basis to provide construction managers with more accurate and precise information. With the effective use of this report, organizations can track the deficiencies and manage them in the most effective manner.

Curbs operational costs

Through an integrated workflow, having one source for accurate and real-time information in an ERP software reduces administrative and operations costs. The application captures all relevant data to make every process easier with high levels of correctness. It enables businesses to determine the most effective way to utilize workforce, inventory, and equipment for every project thereby minimizes the surplus and brings considerable savings over a period of time.

Focus Softnet

Customizable to business needs

The flexibility and versatility features of ERP improve its ROIs. Since every establishment is different with varying business needs, various functions and customizable features can be added or adjusted in the application to make it the most effective solution that fulfils the individual organization’s requirements.

The customizable dashboard of ERP solution is integrated with data visualization and data analytics features, necessary tools used by construction managers on a daily basis, for estimation and scheduling of projects.

Real time project tracking

The advanced ERP software provides reliable analytical reports from real-time data. These allow construction managers to monitor the ongoing project progress and map out the necessary action in case of any discrepancy. Therefore, the application helps in reducing risk as well as improve the efficiency of work.

Focus Softnet provides ERP solutions that can help your construction business reap all these wonderful benefits with well-planned and well-executed projects, irrespective of the size or type of it. To know more on how our smart ERP solutions can help you improve your construction operations, click here to fill the form for a quick demo or consultation.

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