8 Benefits of ERP for Accounting and Financial Management

July 20, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
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Reliable finance and accounting management is the lifeline of any business. From estimating the budget to managing cashflows, complex financial data must be kept up-to-date to ensure organizations make efficient mission-critical business decisions. Tracking and analyzing incoming and outgoing funds is essential for driving business profits and growth.

Secure your financial future with ERP benefits that strengthen financial controls, mitigate risks, improve profitability, and support sustainable growth.. Let’s take a glance at the benefits of using ERP in accounting and financial management.

How Does ERP Help in Accounting and Financial Management?

Considering the technology, an ERP application is way more efficient and robust than any standalone accounting software and helps you manage operations across your organization through a centralized platform. Most of the benefits of ERP in accounting management are related to integration as that allows you to acquire data from multiple sources and get a complete financial picture.

Manage all your accounting and financial needs

Every organization needs to plan capital requirements and manage cash actively. An integrated ERP accounting module makes this process easy. It allows you to access relevant business data and, based on it, accurately define the budget and allocate costs for various activities, including paying salary to employees, purchasing raw materials, transportations, and other operational expenses.

Further, when you have a single system for managing multiple departments, it minimizes the resource cost and time spent on numerous tools.

Freedom from duplicate data entry troubles

You already need an ERP system to manage your business operations. Integrating it with the accounting module removes the tedious process of tallying the information between separate systems. This improves data consistency and eliminates duplicate entry errors.

Complete transparency of financial information

With ERP software, get easy access to financial data as you need. The system endeavors to provide you with accurate, reliable, and timely information vital for keeping the process well organized and resources optimally used. It also enables you to maintain suitable financial measures to promote your future business ventures and enhance profitability.

Workflow automation

When you have an automated system, it becomes easier to concentrate on improving the core business operation.

An ERP for accounting management has built-in workflows and other time-saving features that streamline data entry and ensure that your accounting is automated. It simplifies the activities related to accounts payable and accounts receivable, removes cash flow issues, and improves cash management.

Use the finance and accounting module in ERP to collect and keep track of financial data from various departments and generate financial statements. This way, the system makes it easier to collect information and compile it to manage the entire organization.

ERP for accounting and financial management

Fewer human errors

When accounting data is captured manually, there is always a chance for human error, which can be due to losing focus or wrong keyboard entries. Although the data entry errors are common accounting mistakes, incorrect accounting information can widely affect the quality of financial analysis reports, further causing accounting issues, including the tax complications.

ERP for financial management helps you detect and eliminate data entry errors. Thus, the system reduces the risk of generating incorrect invoices or paying more or other accounting issues that arise from inappropriate data input.

In-depth insights from real-time data

ERP with accounting and financial management system provides you with in-depth visibility into the fiscal health of your organization. It ensures you have the most efficient way to view the financial information, monitor costs, measure revenues, and manage other aspects of your accounting process. With the help of the system, you can always remain up-to-date about every monetary transaction the moment it is made.

Robust reporting capabilities

Your accounting department needs to spend a lot of time preparing financial reports in different formats for shareholders, tax regulatory agencies, banks, and many others. An ERP system offers you better control over your accounting information and reporting. It includes built-in and customizable filters that can be applied as needed for quickly generating accurate financial reports.

Financial data security

Financial data is highly confidential and so requires safety from fraudulent dealings. Advanced ERP software provides multi-layer security to the stored information and provides role-based access to authorized users to prevent security breaches.

Get Custom-made Accounting ERP Software for your Business

The benefits of ERP in financial management are evident. However, only a well-designed system would work in the way it is intended to.

We have nearly three decades of experience setting up ERP-based accounting systems for businesses across all major verticals. Connect with our product experts to learn how you can take advantage of financial management with ERP system.

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