8 Must-have ERP Features of School Management System

Oct 16, 2019
Nandinee Biswas
School Management System School Management System

Educational institutes around the globe are unearthing new possibilities to provide a better learning experience to the students. The success of these endeavors largely depends on the continuous monitoring of all their operations. With manual handling of procedures, establishing the required control is hard to achieve, thus giving rise to the need for advanced school management systems.

While that being said, not all enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is capable to perform and bring the desired results. This further adds to the necessity of an educational institute to implement the management software that is equipped with features that are important to maintain smooth workflow in the organization.

"One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge "

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Must-have Features in School Management ERP

Better equipped systems are boon for the users as they are capable to perform the way they are expected and provide the best output. Here are the must-have features to seek while selecting a school management system.

While supervised learning improves the capability of organizations to detect and determine fraud, it also helps in making informed predictions. Also, AI-enabled ERP systems supply real-time data, reinforcement of which can facilitate effective decisions making that can significantly speed up the process.

Automated record mana

Keeping records of student enrolment, lesson plans, and other activities in an educational institute is quite crucial for the administration. But, filing them manually in the spreadsheets is hectic and at the same increases the chance of data-entry errors.

Usage of right ERP software for education institutes enable the administrators to automatize admission process. It records student information, document collection, fees payments, and other important data at a single place. Thus, eliminates manual intervention to search files and provides users with immediate access to these records.

Asset and inventory tracker

Schools have a vast amount of inventory including computers, textbooks, desks, projectors, and other materials that require effective monitoring. Inadequate management of these school assets makes them suffer improper allocation and void maintenance. Further, it can also lead to overstock or stock-outs.

Robust school management ERP systems facilities administrators to keep track of every asset, which was a quixotic task earlier.

Today’s complex industrial environments need a fast-paced software that can justify the challenges educational institutes have.

Effective task scheduler

Extracurricular activities are becoming an important part of academic plans. Including them in the courses need effective scheduling so that lessons could be planned with a goal to impart true active learning in students.

School ERP software helps the teachers to attain a balanced approach in scheduling study tasks along with extracurricular activities. Moreover, pre-planned schedules also ensure every activity is performed effectively within the specified time boundary.

School Management System

Integrated student information portal

Next-gen school management software features integrated student portal as an essential gateway through which students can access information regarding their course, results, fees payment, and other announcements easily and in a timely fashion.

User-friendly UI

The success of any software largely depends on how effortlessly the end-users can handle it. This is not different for school management applications. Complicated systems make it hard for teachers, staffs or administrators to attain comfortability quotient in working with them.

Furthermore, using such systems also consume more time and instead of improving the workflow, they create problems that hinder operational efficiencies of educational institutions.

An ideal school management ERP system is designed for all users, irrespective of their levels of computer proficiency.

Scalable & flexible software

Every year a huge amount of information is added to a school management system, which emerges the need to increase the storage capacity. Changing the software can serve the purpose, but it is both expensive and time-consuming.

Hence, your school management ERP needs to be scalable so that it can support the requirements of your institutions. The capability to backing a constant upgrade provides ample room for the growing volume of data every succeeding year.

Remote access capabilities

When schools function in multiple locations, often requires the flexible management system that can be accessed remotely. So, it is important to consider this feature when choosing a software solution.

Cloud-based ERP applications allow staffs, teachers, and even students to access relevant information at the click of a button, from any device having an internet connection.

Centralized school management solution can be accessed from anywhere in the world to maintain efficiency and accuracy institutions’ operations.

Secured system with data backup and recover

Losing school administration data due to system malfunction can wreak havoc on all operations functioning within the campus. Therefore, considering backup and recovery features while selecting an educational ERP software is primo.

Besides, the right school management software also provides extensive data security to every information stored in them. This secured systems allow access only to the authorized users and helps educational institutions protect data from unwanted intrusions or theft.

All-in-all ideal school management ERP systems are designed to let you experience the hassle-free way to manage your educational institutes. Focus Softnet builds industry-efficient ERP software with a variety of cutting-edge features and integrated modules to improve the overall administration of your schools.

If you have been looking for an effective solution, the best way to know its capabilities is through our experts’ guidance. . Click here to book a free consultation or product demo of our highly effective school management software.

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