AI Technologies in ERP Software! Its Real Benefits in Warehouse Management

Dec 10, 2021
Nandinee Biswas

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at a fast pace and is going to have a profound impact on many areas of daily life, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. AI-driven ERP software performs data analysis to improve business outcomes through achieving tasks way better and faster.

As a warehouse owner, having efficient ERP software is important for hassle-free business management and when it is embedded with AI, the system helps you further optimize your operating model consisting of software applications, business processes, governance structures, and technology infrastructure. All in all, your ERP software becomes way more efficient in providing visibility into your business operations and augmenting their functionalities.

Key Benefits of Warehouse Management ERP

Regardless of the size of your warehouse, you need an ERP system to improve your business processes through automation and digitization. Key benefits of ERP in warehouse operation management include:

It makes warehouse management possible in the face of crisis

ERP system helps you manage your warehouse operations while following the social distancing norms so that your employees stay safe and halt the spread of COVID-19. The software solution lets you digitally assign tasks to your staff and enables you to design inventory placements and routes, ensuring your employees have little to no physical contact.

It makes visibility into real-time inventory data possible

Warehouse management ERP software is able to read and track serial codes of each item that enters the warehouse, moves on the floor, and goes out. This scanning helps improve your warehouse’s pick-up accuracy, reduces the workload of order processing, and gives your employees the necessary access to inventory information about products in each location as and when they need it.

Better visibility into inventory data improves stock accuracy. It saves money as your warehouse business doesn’t need to bear the expense of overstocking or lose opportunities due to understocking.

The system even enables you to implement the first-in, first-out rule so that the oldest and perishable goods go out first, which cuts down warehouse wastages.

Improves traceability and creates warehouse efficiencies

Implementing a warehouse management system would help you to keep track of inventories using their lot and serial numbers. This automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, thereby nearly nullifying the possibility of erroneous calculation and its undesirable consequences.

Improved traceability helps you minimize the need for their human resources to handle routine activities, thus saving a significant amount of employee time to focus on tasks of greater business importance.

warehouse management software

What Sets AI-Enabled ERP Software Apart from Other Solutions?

AI-enabled ERP solutions impact the core of day-to-day operations. It augments people's capabilities and the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. This shift is realized through increased focus on non-routine, analytical, and creative tasks. Enhanced agility of the ERP system improves your business potential in the face of crisis.

Here’s what sets an AI-driven ERP for warehouse management apart from other software solutions:

AI creates the most efficient routes for order picking

In warehouse order processing, every minute and mile matters. AI-powered warehouse management ERP uses advanced route tracking tools to locate bins and create the most efficient routes for warehouse pickers. Product details and bin location data are recorded in the system. It then uses the information to create the most optimal routes. Optimized product pickup routes significantly impact the overall warehouse productivity, from saving time to reducing overhead costs.

AI algorithm helps you forecast when stock would arrive and leave the warehouse

AI uses the historical information stored in your ERP’s database to predict when you would receive orders and the stock would be leaving the warehouse in correspondence with them. This forecast helps your employees put the pallets in the right position so that the items that would be moving quickly are placed towards the front and the products that are going to stay at the warehouse longer are put in the back.

Smart bin placement through AI allows you to make smarter storage decisions and increases your warehouse’s operational efficiency.

AI combines data from multiple sources to predict future delivery times

Covid-19 has presented unforeseen and entirely new challenges across all industries. When it comes to warehouses, these roadblocks have shed light on specific areas that have undergone a massive change. The new business models and processes are developed to adjust to heightened customer demands and changes in their behaviors.

AI and machine learning combine historical delivery information with weather reports and logistics to accurately predict delivery dates and when to procure the goods. The system provides data about the availability of goods in the warehouse to your sales associates so that they know and keep your clients informed about what and when products could be delivered. The result is, you have a more cohesive warehouse business that could make better decisions faster, have more satisfied clients, and have better business opportunities.

AI improves the efficiency of your warehouse machinery

Instead of repairing or replacing major utilities, equipment, and tools after they broke down, AI technology introduces planned preventive maintenance to keep them running and extend their life.

AI-enabled ERP system records equipment details to classify them according to their purchase date and usage to plan and perform their maintenance. AI also helps you keep track of maintenances done and notify you about the upcoming schedule. This ensures long-lasting use of important equipment and they always perform efficiently. Your warehouse productivity would never suffer slow down due to unexpected equipment failures.

Should you Select an AI-driven ERP System for Warehouse Management?

While warehouse management ERP systems have always improved business efficiency, AI integration takes this to the next level. It does this by analyzing a large volume of real-time data to make accurate predictions and design the most promising business strategies.

We would help you select an AI-powered warehouse management system to increase your warehouse’s operational efficiency and improve your business experience.

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