How to Choose the Best ERP Software for Education Industry?

June 21, 2021
Nandinee Biswas
erp software for educational institutes erp software for educational institutes

Multiple operation management isn’t just for businesses. Even schools, colleges, and universities have various processes that need to be properly managed so that their campus remains well-organized.

In the past few years, there has been a steady influx in technology. We’re slowly reaching a point where ERP software for educational institutes is being used inside the classroom as well as outside it for managing administrative tasks, thus empowering institutes to move toward a path of complete digitization. Educational institutes joining this evolution are becoming more proficient in keeping track of data and managing their daily operations.

Why Do you Need an ERP Software?

We all know educational institutions are responsible for collecting and maintaining a monumental amount of information. Everything from the time a student enrolls, pursues study, and leaves the institute needs to be recorded and securely stored even after they become alumni.

Using spreadsheets to manually track, manage, and update this information very quickly becomes unwieldy. Therefore, it’s important for the administrators to have the right systems in place for staying away from the roadblocks that can bring everything to a halt.

One strategy educational institute can follow to stay nimble is implementing school ERP software. The right technology not just automates critical workflows across all departments, it makes collecting and securely storing student information effortless.

The enterprise resource planning software ensures everybody is connected through a centralized platform. This breaches the communication gap between teachers, students, and parents. The system comes integrated with an inventory management tool that makes managing libraries, school buses, and other assets simpler. It enables adding and retrieving attendance data handy while solving all attendance management issues. With ERP software, from fees calculation to managing payments done through multiple modes, the entire fee management is made easier. The system also automates to solve data entry chaos during bulk admissions. Once student data is entered, it allows you to easily change or edit the information as needed.

According to a Gartner’s report, “Education institutions recognize that the transformational power of digital is forcing them to change their business models in response to consumer demands and competitive pressure.”

How to Choose the Best Suited ERP Software?

Not all educational ERP software is designed equal, so you need to be very careful in choosing the right functionality for long-term efficiency and benefits. It is also important to consider how the system is going to fit into your unique operational needs. After all, ERP solutions are meant to eradicate hurdles and not create them. Here are a few key features to consider while getting ERP software:

Complete data security

Education institutes require storing an immense amount of information about students, which needs to be protected from being hacked. Therefore, data security must be a pivotal factor to consider while choosing your education ERP application.

A well-designed ERP system offers complete protection and security of digital data. It restricts unauthorized access and use of information. Thus, relieves you from data breaches, makes recording and maintaining all important information effortless.

Faster data recovery

Saving and maintaining a huge volume of data on multiple databases is already a challenging task. While keeping those data safe is important, you must also be prepared for the unexpected system breakdown. Without a proper disaster recovery mechanism, you could not only lose important information but also see your data security compromised.

Intelligent education ERP software is powered with cloud computing and data storage backup facility. The system saves all your critical information on the cloud with automated data backup. This makes data management easier with faster disaster recovery at all points.

Point of sale features

Offering flexibility

Your campus operations are subject to constant change, so your ERP software needs to be flexible enough to adopt them. Moreover, not all educational institutes has the same need, similarly, their software requirement also differs. So, you must avoid choosing a generic education ERP system to ensure that it truly supports your campus operations.

Flexible ERP software is designed to provide your educational institute with complete operational control and freedom to take into account all essential changes.

User-friendly ERP design

One of the main troubles in deploying an education ERP system is that not every member of the admin team is tech-savvy and they find it difficult to use the application. This is why your ERP software needs to have a simple, user-friendly interface that anyone using it can navigate with ease.

The simple design takes away excessive efforts of managing campus operations and lets your administrative team focus on providing a better learning environment.

Scalability for sustenance

Your educational institute is not going to remain the same always. There would be a change in the number of students enrolling, courses taught, lesson plans, methodologies followed for campus management, and so on.

Your current ERP system may not be able to support your future needs and frequent investing in new software can disturb your organization's regular workflows.

To avoid this challenge, choose the ERP application with a dynamic structure that can be scaled to support the increase in data and users. This would relieve you from repeated software deployment stress and save time.

Data accessibility

As your educational institute goes for expansion, adding more students, resources, and operations, it generates more data. Accessing this information is always challenging in absence of the right management software. You need to adopt a cloud-based system to meet this need.

Cloud education ERP software proves to be very effective in supporting different campuses to work together in a collaborative environment, regardless of physical locations.

The system gives end-to-end data transparency and real-time information to help you understand exactly how the operations at the different campuses are performing and know about the present opportunity or risk. This enhanced data accessibility helps to create and foster a better learning environment.

Reliable vendor support

Every ERP application needs to be updated from time to time. When this situation arises, urgent assistance is required from the ERP service provider for upgrading the software or integrating it with other features.

So, apart from having all the helpful features present in your ERP system, make sure you choose the well-established software provider who offers end-to-end service before, during, and after the product is implemented along with providing support as and when required.

Finding the Right Education ERP Software is Easy

Technology makes intensive work easier only when it is chosen appropriately.

We offer the best ERP for education institutes in Malaysia and Singapore to help deliver better operational control for admins, learning experience for students, teaching experience for educators, and cater to all evolving needs of the institutions.

If you are still stuck in the old ways of depending on manual data entry and monitoring, it is time to make a shift. Our college and school ERP software is designed to help your institute deliver better outcomes. Fill in the form to know more from our product experts.

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