Reasons Why Focus 9 is the Best ERP Software in Singapore

Nov 30, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
Best ERP Software in Singapore Best ERP Software in Singapore

Modern businesses thrive on implementing the right technology that can put data to its best use in making appropriate business decisions and helping the company run smoothly. An efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) software makes this possible. When properly implemented, the system houses every business information and makes it accessible through one platform, thus saves a lot of time and money. However, choosing the best ERP software is tricky and susceptible to common errors and confusion that may result in the opposite of an ERP system’s intended purpose.

We are here to help you sail through the turbulence of finding the best ERP software in Singapore.

Why Choose Us as Implementing Partner?

Be it implementation planning or resource allocation or services, there is no doubt that the right technology partner can ease out your software deployment and ensure it is done as per your need and feasibility. So, the best way in which you can establish and maintain a relationship with your ERP partner is by seeing if they possess the appropriate industry expertise in the right technology and services to achieve your desired outcomes.

In these regards, Focus Softnet has been a trusted name. We have nearly three decades of extensive experience in building and implementing ideal enterprise resource planning systems for delivering a competitive advantage to our clients. Each of these software solutions come with their own set of modules and specializations to serve the unique needs of a particular business.

Achieving this was never easy. But with our commitment and passion for excellence, we have established faith among our clients and would continue meeting their expectations. We offer:

Assured services and support

We are always at the top when providing support in getting the ERP system up and running, and functional at all times.

Next-gen technology

We are the provider of powerful technological tools that create business efficiencies and ensure our clients succeed at a higher level than their competitors.

Industry experience

Our technical knowledge and expertise in providing industry-specific ERP systems guarantee continuity and innovation in software features.

Focus 9 ERP Software Functionalities

Our all-inclusive ERP software, Focus 9 is designed to unify your business data and align processes for smoother workflows across the departments. It connects systems, processes, and people through modern technology to create a better work environment and more productive teams.

Let’s take a broader look at the functionalities of Focus 9 software:

Ease of use

You might be already facing numerous challenges in pursuing business growth. Your ERP software handling doesn’t need to be added to them. In fact, it should facilitate your business productivity.

Focus 9 has an intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface. By implementing the system, you are more likely to help your employees in making their tasks easier, thus improve their efficiency and your business’s profitability.

Get modules you need

ERP systems are sold as suites, but you do not need all the modules included and so it is not necessarily to purchase them that way.

With Focus 9 ERP software, you get modules based on what your business needs currently or in the future. You can opt to add or remove the modules at the time of initial deployment as well as several months after.

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System compatibility and integration

An ERP system manages all business operations. Installing a new ERP software means the existing systems have to be either replaced or integrated with the ERP platform to enable data sharing and transmitting across the applications.

Focus 9 is compatible with your existing systems and allows easy integration, helping you to automate your business operations and manage them from a single platform without any hassle.

Customization and scalability

Irrespective of your industry or business scale, your organizational needs are not going to stay the same year-over-year. So, your ERP system needs to be capable of adapting and adjusting to your dynamic needs while providing value to the business.

Focus 9 ERP system has customization and scaling capabilities to support alteration according to the current and future requirements of your business.

Multiple hosting available

A modern ERP system supports cloud hosting and can be operated from remote locations, thus provides the convenience of global accessibility through the internet. This makes it the most recommended choice for today’s business needs.

Focus 9 is a cloud-based ERP system that also has provision for on-premise and hybrid hosting. For companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, cloud hosting is the most appropriate choice as it does not require own server room or IT staff to deploy and maintain the system.

Mobile-ready system

Being able to access ERP database from mobile devices provides greater flexibility to the workplace.

Focus 9 is a mobile-ready ERP solution that can be securely accessed on any device through the web browser. The system helps your employees to instantly record, update and access real-time information on the go, while away from the office or from the client premises, making handling their day-to-day business activities more manageable than ever before.

Industry-ready features

The business processes are different for different sectors. So, the right ERP system needs to include features that complement the needs of the business and strengthen competitiveness.

Focus 9 has a modular structure and is offered as an industry-ready solution, which minimizes the customization need, increases cost-effectiveness, and enhances functionality.

Last Thoughts

Though choosing from the best ERP systems in Singapore seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t always have to be.

Focus 9 ERP software includes everything your business needs to become successful. We also have teams of experts to help our clients deploy the ERP solution with correct modules and features, specific to their business requirements and build a technology roadmap for them.

Fill in the form to learn more about how use technology to simplify your business management and make your organization more agile.

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