8 Benefits of ERP Software for the Apparel Industry

Nov 30, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
ERP Software Benefits for Apparel Industries ERP Software Benefits for Apparel Industries

The apparel industry includes a myriad of complex components to influence business experiences. Here, product lifecycles are shorter and the pace of change in demand is significantly higher in comparison to any other sectors.

Every season demands a whole new collection. Businesses are also challenged by keeping track of merchandise in a variety of styles, sizes, fits, fabrics, and colors. These make the need to anticipate demands and forecast sales incredibly necessary for reducing production and delivery time while minimizing unplanned markdowns.

Being able to record and maintain all information in one system improves the overall operational efficiency of the apparel business and imparts a positive impact on decision making. The right ERP solution makes this possible. Let’s find out the benefits of ERP software in apparel industry.

Top Benefits of Implementing Apparel ERP Software

Like any other business, apparel manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing companies that are looking to succeed in a highly competitive market environment must be able to synchronize their operations, trim their budgets, and constantly collect insights.

When specifically designed apparel ERP software is implemented, it enables businesses to aptly handle industry challenges, experience desired expansion, and bring impressive ROI.

The system can:

1. Streamline business operations

Having important business data stored across multiple platforms make it tough to access when needed. That’s why apparel businesses often find the ERP system helpful in consolidating the data into a single platform and retrieving the information in a common usable format much easier.

Further, an apparel ERP system also allows you to create role-based permissions so that you are able to control which information employees have access to and give permission only to the right personnel.

2. Enable department-wide collaboration

ERP solution for apparel industry includes multitudinous functionalities. The primary advantage of this integrated platform is that it allows employees from any department to use the same system, making data entry, and editing, accessing and transferring information much simpler and swifter to perform.

Thus, implementing an apt ERP application helps you promote better networking and communication among the team members and departments, which facilitates uninterrupted services throughout operational hours.

3. Simplify order and return processing

In the apparel industry, particularly in the retail sector, order and return processing on a daily basis is common. So, your apparel business needs to be equipped with an effective tracking system to handle these processes with ease.

Feature-ready ERP software for apparel industry standardizes tracking and managing of orders and returns. This institutive system allows you to predefine discounts, package tracking, shipping, return terms, account credits, and other related activities. This simplifies the processes while leading to more on-time deliveries and improved return processing.

4. Enhance inventory overview

In the wake of globalization, where warehouses are often scattered across multiple locations, inventory management becomes challenging. Manual handling of stock data is less efficient and more vulnerable to mistakes. Cloud-based apparel ERP solution addresses this issue. The system provides robust automation tools to keep track of inventory and monitor for shortages or surpluses.

Further, the right apparel inventory management software is designed with barcode scanner systems to showcase the detailed inventory by SKU, color, style, size, and more. Thus, it offers you an enhanced overview of each stock that moves in or out of the warehouse.

5. Improve customer and supplier relationships

The benefits of ERP software are not limited to optimizing the in-house processes. The integrated system allows your employees to review customer transaction history and stock balances in real-time, which helps them actively resolve customer queries and provide appropriate responses to suppliers’ requests.

6. Eliminate data security concerns/ Multi-location accessibility

A cloud-based system is the best apparel ERP solution for multi-location dealings. It stores all your business data on the cloud, offering you the freedom to access critical information from anywhere, round the clock.

The cloud ERP system also includes high-grade security features that allow you to define user authority for accessing the database. This provides superior control on the accessibility and ensures that the integrity of the information stored remains intact.

8 Benefits Of ERP Software For The Apparel Industry

7. Easy receipt generation & payments

Automation prevents human errors, especially when you need to manage multiple clients at the same time, assemble numerous orders with different pricing components, and generate receipts for an array of products.

An ERP software eliminates manual handling of invoice generation to instill accuracy in billing. It comes with an integrated accounting system that supports flexible payment options to enable customers to pay their bills at their convenience.

8. Leverage data analytics for forecasting

Determining the upcoming purchase trends and based on it, stock or manufacture products is the key to success for any apparel business. You can leverage the information stored in the ERP system to apply data analytics, understand, and predict customer demands with accuracy.

These insights would enable you to gain a fuller understanding of customer needs and enhance your customer experience, thereby helping you retain existing clients and win new customers.

Getting the Best ERP Software for Apparel Industry in UAE

Not every business management solution would work for the apparel industry, you get the benefits of ERP software only from the one that is right for your business.

We, at Focus Softnet, design the best ERP software for apparel industry in UAE. The system includes industry-ready modules and features that deliver fast ROI and help your company stay competitive. Fill in the form to get a free consultation from our ERP experts.

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