6 Key Advantages of ERP Software in Waste Management

May 18, 2021
Nandinee Biswas
Advantages-of-ERP-Software-in-Waste-Management Advantages-of-ERP-Software-in-Waste-Management

Industries, ranging from manufacturing to construction, real estate to warehousing, produce tons of waste every year which can increase the toxin in the environment at an alarming rate. So, the primary goal of waste management planning is to strategically deal with the debris and improve environmental sustainability. With a waste management ERP, this is made easier.

Why you Need ERP System for Waste Management?

You need a waste management ERP when your existing waste handling processes become inefficient or you’re losing track of your spreadsheets or struggling to maintain effective communication with different departments.

The ERP system is able to integrate various functions seamlessly. It combines disparate operations in a single platform, offering a central workspace. All business data is stored in one database, allowing the departments to access and utilize the same information. This eliminates duplicate processes and reduces the risk of data-related errors. Along with helping you to organize the business information, the ERP application also generates insightful reports to support you in making informed decisions.

Features of a Waste Management ERP System

Real-time information, a big database, and accurate predictive analysis make ERP software an ideal instrument for waste management companies to help them with effective collection and disposal. It has a bundle of features focused on the specific requirements of waste management. They are:

Integrated System - For accessing business information through a common interface and managing end-to-end operations.

Real-Time Insights - For ensuring quick response-time, reduce the scope of error, and improve the accuracy of business decisions.

Big Data Storage Capacity – For reducing hardware costs and saving businesses from storage issues with cloud technology.

Efficient and Secure - For supporting organized waste disposal and management methods while keeping the business information securely stored.

6 Key Benefits of ERP Software in Waste Management

To offer expert quality waste management service, it’s essential for organizations to have solid control over project management, accounting, contract management, and other processes.

Waste management companies can benefit from an advanced cloud-based ERP software as the system offers a streamlined solution to ease out daily tasks and improve the capability of the entire team. Thus, it empowers businesses to provide better services.

A recent Gartner report states, “By 2022, more than 50% of cloud ERP customers will be leveraging their embedded analytic capabilities to enhance their business process throughput.”

Here are the six major benefits of implementing waste management software:

Improved information management

Waste management projects involve documenting every piece of information for different collection and dumping sites. ERP software offers a flexible project setup that allows you to enable various parameters such as resources required, site location, waste type, quantity, and more to capture all these data with ease and store them for future undertakings. Additionally, the system also allows you to add or modify the information as and when needed.

Tracking down business information helps you to monitor the progress metrics and know which task is completed and estimated work remaining. This enables employees to focus on pending tasks, ultimately increasing their efficiency so that waste collection and disposal services are completed on time.

Optimized task scheduling

As a waste management company, you might need to deal with multiple projects at the same time. Keeping track of all these can be a strenuous task without the aid of ERP software.

The centralized system provides you with a single source of truth for all the operations. It enables you access to real-time data for an accurate overview of ongoing processes and analyze information from all departments of your business. The improved operational visibility helps you to optimize task scheduling.

advantages of waste management erp

Safer waste disposals

Safe disposal of waste is the top concern for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. This requires complete tracking of waste from collection to temporary storage to disposal along with their quantity and type.

Enterprise resource planning software makes the tracking processes easy. The system documents all information related to the disposal of waste such as shipment and invoice, quantity, transporter used, dumping location, cost, management method, and more. This helps you to oversee actions taken at all levels and ensure every process functions efficiently and in compliance with the safety protocol set by the government for waste management and recycling programs.

Effective resource allocation

Typically, ERP software is used for recording transactions and generating reports based on that information. By using the system for monitoring waste management projects, you would get real-time information about the people working. This helps to allocate resources for a better outcome while enabling you to take corrective actions whenever required.

The management system ensures that your employees are assigned the right tasks. Managers are able to directly delegate work to the team members while employees are allowed access to check what they require to do.

Thus, the ERP system makes the work allocation process hassle-free, effectively saves work hours, and ensures all tasks are performed in accordance with the priorities, even when you are dealing with bigger projects that incorporate multiple locations.

Dynamic quote generation

Creating accurate estimates and quotes for your waste management projects is essential. Generating quotes manually or using inefficient methods are not only long-drawn, they often lead to errors that might negatively impact your business reputation.

ERP software includes advanced quote-generating facilities that simplify the proposal making process. It enables you instantly generate quotes based on multiple parameters such as investment, resources needed, scale of service, and so on. Furthermore, for specific requirements, the ERP solution lets you customize the parameters to meet those unique needs.

Organized preventive maintenance

Equipment and vehicle used in waste collection and disposal require routine maintenance, which can be occasional parts replacement or more frequent tune-ups.

ERP software provides you with real-time information on the conditions of different equipment used in your company. It makes monitoring and scheduling of preventive maintenance easier while ensuring that all machinery is always operational.

Timely maintenance prevents any unexpected breakdown, which saves you from spending unnecessary money and also keeps your business’s productivity intact.

Make your Waste Management More Efficient

It is evident that you need ERP software to manage waste management projects. The system contains tools that would simplify the complex business processes and improve their efficiency.

Connect with our product experts to know more about our waste management solutions.

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