ERP Software is the Key to Automation - How it Affects Supply Chain Management?

Jul 17, 2019
Nandinee Biswas
Focus Softnet Focus Softnet

Considering the unarguably fast clock speed in customers’ demand nowadays, supply chain businesses need to adopt the rapidity for on-time delivery.

Typically, supply chain companies using multiple systems to manage various operations, departments, and locations within the organization, can hardly cope up with or respond effectively to their complex business requirements. Moreover, managing numerous systems lead to higher maintenance costs and administration of tasks continues to be manual. This provides a little room for enhancing operational speed or accuracy.

Todays’ supply chain companies need smart business management software that can automate and streamline operations across the departments. This is where ERP systems play the most predominant role. These applications empower organizations to effectively gain operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and achieve profitability.

Let us understand how process automation brought by ERP Software affects supply chain functions.

Supply chain planning with loT

Lack of real-time visibility into inventory is problematic for supply chain businesses. When the most selling products go out of stock, it would likely to develop annoyance among the customers. To avoid this disconnect, suppliers and dealers need to have the right count of stocks.

That’s where IoT (Internet of Things) technology comes into the picture. The sensor-based tool provides an innovative way to gather and transfer information to your ERP system. IoT enabled RFID tagging and sensors to help this transmission.

Users can track and monitor exact levels of inventory, resources being consumed, and location of shipments in real time. Combining this data, managers can anticipate and plan accurate product delivery dates, actively replenish stocks when inventory is lean, and proactively decide the ideal time to begin production, while ensuring that all production policies are consistent and meets the market demands.

Implementing an integrated ERP software increases the coordination between different departments and eliminates the time gaps between scanning stations in a supply chain. This ensures timely execution of functions, which leads to greater efficiency in achieving on-time delivery across the chain.

Focus Softnet

Data-driven decision making with BI system

A supply chain business has a multitude of internal processes that are, by nature, highly complex. Managing them effectively requires more than just a software that can capture information. It requires a powerful tool that can turn the data captured into actionable insight for more accurate business reporting, analysis, and planning.

A Business Intelligence run ERP software has all the capabilities needed to analyze and use data captured from multiple sources to improve workflows and strategic decisions makings, thus enhances the overall supply chain effectiveness.

The easy analytical report generating tool facilitates the management in continual monitoring of business operations, which help them identify breakdowns much before they impact any process, improve collaboration with the key stakeholders, accurately assess the performance of the vendors, lowers operational costs, and increase savings.

Global visibility through cloud computing

Cloud-based ERP software supports this. The technology enables users to have an interconnected digital system, which provides a holistic view of all the operations, essential for improving process efficiency, and much needed for the rapid growth of any supply chain business.

Organizations using cloud ERP applications can monitor the statuses and activities of warehouses, suppliers, stores, plants, and all other entities connected to the supply chain network. These systems enable them to effectively track and monitor every movement. Which, in turn, prevents fraud and theft while ensuring compliance with legal requirements and rules.

Along with improving visibility and control over business operations, the transfer to cloud computing has essentially released organizations from the responsibility to run, update, and maintain on-site programs while bringing huge savings through this evolving business landscape.

Supply chain businesses need substantial improvements in their network performance for overall organizational growth. The key to maximizing the operational efficiency is a powerful ERP solution endowed with modern technology, which is capable to reduce supply chain risks and make it more resilient to accommodate changes in market demands.

Focus Softnet provides such agile ERP software solutions for supply chain businesses. These systems improve business productivity while making the best utilization of resources. Furthermore, the company provides a guided selection and implementation process, much needed for smooth deployment and easy handling of the ERP system.

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