Why Focus Softnet is One the Most Preferred and Trusted ERP Providers in the Middle East?

Feb 14, 2021
Nandinee Biswas
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Not too long ago, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software was only used by large organizations because of its complex nature. It required huge investments and skilled technical staff to support deployment, up-gradation, and maintenance on a regular basis.

Things have changed.

Nowadays, it has reached small and mid-size businesses and became the go-to tool for companies that want to centralize all their business information.

From resource planning and inventory management to financial account and more, the right ERP software streamlines all the processes functioning in any organization while allowing you to manage them from one system.

So, which is the best ERP software in Saudi Arabia? Find out below.

Why Choose Us as Your ERP Implementing Partner?

There are countless factors that would influence your choice of an ERP system, out of which the most predominant one is: who is the services provider? Without the right ERP implementation partner, the sophisticated and expensive enterprise software can become your biggest nightmare. The vendor’s trustworthiness and capabilities are major parameters that would impact the choice.

Focus Softnet has been one of the trusted ERP providers in Saudi Arabia for nearly three decades, known for designing customizable ERP solutions for companies across all major industries, including manufacturing, consumer durables, distribution, warehousing, and more. Each of our software solution is integrated with innovative features that enable our clients to reap benefits, irrespective of their business types or scales. We have:

Strong track record

As a potential ERP software partner, we have worked with companies from multiple industries. We reach out to the decision-makers to discuss their business requirements and walk them through the implementation process that would bring them the highest benefits. We provide flexibility to help our customers understand what is best for their business so they could choose the solutions they require.

In-depth industry knowledge

As we have worked with organizations from multiple industries, we’re well-versed with their business processes and requirements. This empowers us to identify what a company is trying to achieve and how our ERP software would support them in accomplishing their business goals and objectives.This saves time and costs.

Our business partners gain the advantage of being able to adapt the software and optimally use the product for meeting the industry standards.

Technical expertise

Successful ERP implementation needs a service provider who has a thorough knowledge of the software and is flexible enough to support the clients with anything they could possibly need during the implementation process.

We have experienced ERP software developers and implementation experts working with us who understand how a system could be integrated to achieve smoother workflows and build software application exclusive to our clients’ requirements. They support the clients in successful ERP system deployment and maintenance.

Agile methodology

Every company comprises of different business processes due to which their ERP implementation methods are not always the same. It may even change over time.

We modify our implementation process from time to time and offer flexible deployment services that could adapt to the changing circumstances and meet the new demands. Moreover, our ERP systems support extensive customization and integration with third-party applications to increase the benefits and usability.

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Key Functionalities of Focus Softnet’s ERP Software

Focus Softnet’s ERP solutions have a powerful combination of essential features that unify all the operations and divisions, changing the way how business runs.

Our ERP systems include tools to view real-time business information, which helps them make informed decisions and address the perils of siloed data. Ultimately,they make business processes more cost-effective, protect profit margins, and help accelerate business expansions.


An effective ERP system helps you find the information you need in considerably lesser time than manual processes, leaving you with more time to act on it.

Our ERP solutions have easy-to-use and straightforward UI with advanced functionalities. These systems also provide role-based features, which means their dashboards are loaded with information as defined for each user. This improves your staff’s productivity and allows them to work faster by getting their work done in just a few clicks of a button.


Being mobile-ready is one of the most important features of modern ERP systems.

Our ERP applications allow users to access software platforms from any device with an internet connection. This supports in quickuploading of information, accessing data, generating reports, and managing all business operations while on-the-go. Further, the immense flexibilityenhances business productivity and leads to greater profitability.

Support integration

ERP applications are primed to help you manage all business operations. The systems that support completeintegration ensure business operations function together seamlessly.

Focus Softnet’s ERP solutions offer this flexibility. They allow users to freely enter, modify, and share data across the integrated systems in real-time, through a centralized platform, without any hassle.

Business intelligence and advanced analytics

The business intelligence (BI) module enables users to make well-informed decisions based on accurate data analysis.

Our new-age ERP systems are loaded with a BI module and advanced analytics, which provide realtime view of dashboards to help users monitor performance and make business decisions on accurate data rather than intuition. These features also allow users to generate reports in the required format, bring clarity in day-to-day activities, and build successful business strategies for the future.

Get the modules you need

ERP systems that are built on one-size-fits-all model are prone to failure as all businesses are not the same.

Focus Softnet’s ERP applications are designed specifically to fulfill the unique needs of each business. Keeping this in mind, we offer our customers modular ERP solutions. This reduces the complexity of software systems as they are not loaded with unnecessary features that are used only by enterprises with multifarious operations.

We encourage our clients to choose the modules for their ERP systems themselves, based on their current or immediate future needs. We also provide them with flexibility to add or remove modulesmonths after their software deployment.

Multiple hosting available

Every business has their hosting preferences. Considering this, we offer our ERP solutions in all hosting possibilities - on-premise, cloud, and hybrid.

We have all options that work in our clients’ favor. They can choose the hosting type that best fits their business at present and, if needed, make changes in the future.

Our ERP solutions are customizable and scalable to support the current and future requirements of your business. Once they are successfully implemented, they fulfill the needs of your business for years to come and help you avoid re-investing on the same software requirement.

Get the Best Industry-ready ERP Software in Saudi Arabia

Every business has their own requirements, and so their ERP software needs to include special functionalities to fulfill them.

Focus Softnet is a renowned ERP software company in the Middle East. We design solutions that can improve productivity at reduced operating costs, thus triggering growth and profits for your business.

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