Focus X – Heralding Digital Transformation Through A Post-Modern, Fourth Era ERP

Nov 05, 2021
Nandinee Biswas

Taking yet another step towards empowering our clients with AI-driven automation, we at Focus Softnet have unveiled the jewel of our crown, Focus X, a post-modern, fourth era ERP. The solution is built on modern architecture, with high-performing in-memory computing technology and advanced analytics to help you gain business-ready insights.

The all-inclusive cloud ERP integrates data from various departments in your enterprise, letting you harness the power of cloud database to gain comprehensive accessibility into your business information and act on live data to make faster decisions.

Our flagship solution leverages next-gen technology to prepare you for the upcoming trends of hyper-automation.

Heralding Digital Transformation

Focus X is an automated ERP software that offers robust capabilities to help steer businesses through complexities and challenges.

AI-driven ERP software

Empower your business with AI and machine-learning driven statistics, predictive analytics and forecasting. Using Focus X, you could detect non-performing or low-performing processes, replace them with automation and reduce overhead costs with its AI-enabled system.

Dedicated portals for vendors and customers

Offer exclusive portals to your customers and vendors to encourage effective communication, provide them with tools for secure transactions and assist them in decision-making. Transcend traditional limitations and stay connected with your customers regardless of their geographical boundaries with our cloud ERP software, Focus X.

Secure banking integrations

With banking system integration, Focus X makes vendor payments seamless. You no longer need to login to your bank’s portal from a separate browser as Focus X provides you with a secure banking connection. The integration automatically reconciles the bank statement with entries in the accounting ledger. It also allows users schedule payments and get notified when it is overdue.

15 Integrated modules to manage every division

Focus X is equipped with 15 comprehensive modules to help you manage cross-departmental operations without hassles and delays. A single ERP for business-wide implementation would effectively put an end to challenges related to data sharing between various divisions.

Cherry pick from our pool of AI-driven modules to manage finance, sales, procurement, budget, inventory, warehousing, CRM, HCM, quality control, fixed assets, retail, project accounting, customer/vendor portal, accounts receivable and payable, and manufacturing resource planning.

Focus X – The Small Things That Make a Big Impact

As a composable ERP embedded with AI and predictive analytics, Focus X offers a robust set of capabilities to simplify your day-to-day operations and reduce data management burden while ensuring stress-free business operations.

Clutter-free, Simple UI

An easier-to-use interface enables your employees to learn the system quickly and use it more efficiently. It improves the responsiveness and accessibility of data, enabling you to breeze through menus, pages and find the information you want at unparalleled speed.

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Super-fast data processing

Bid adieu to the legacy systems that processed data at a snail’s pace! Our ERP software is equipped with in-memory OLTP technology that optimizes performance of data processing, ingestion, and loading to execute data transactions at lightning speed.

VUI – Your order is Focus X’s command!

Focus X is embedded with AI technology with a powerful VUI (Voice User Interface), enabling you to use voice commands to generate business reports or retrieve information pertaining to a specific transaction with ease. You could also ask Focus X to display unstructured data and specific information for a quick view.

Integrated with payment gateways

Focus X offers an integrated payment processing solution using which your customers could make payments directly through the customer portal. This simplifies payments and boosts customer confidence in your service. You could also share invoices and other documents through instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

Quick forms for quick data

With Focus X’s quick forms, you could collect different types of data through an easy, fast and cost-effective process. Apart from eliminating data duplication, it also ensures the right type of data is populated for each field, reducing errors.

Automate your bill adjustments

Focus X lets you predefine parameters related to bill adjustments or readjust them to automate the process. The system enables you to adjust bills based on the FIFO method to match your inventory costs to the current market value.

Advanced dashboards and info panels

Focus X’s dashboards include data-rich info panels that let you access 360-degree information along with details specific to any business division, tasks, or operations. Monitor business performance from multiple angles to get a better understanding of your financial and operational standing.

Security + ease of access

Focus X is equipped with an advanced security protocol that records of each user’s activity and restricts unauthorized access, improving data transparency and safety.

The ERP system also supports biometric authentication. It allows users to use the built-in fingerprint scanner of their devices for a convenient and secure login.

Dedicated servers for reports and analysis

Focus X comes with designated servers for reports and analysis. It supports batch processing, which significantly reduces the time required in generating lengthy reports. Faster loading of comprehensive, data-rich reports and detailed analysis would help you in informed and timely decision-making.

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Focus X is a future-ready, upgraded ERP software that leverages technology to simplify data processing, streamline business processes, maintain control over things and help you always stay ahead of the competition.

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