Hospitality Management ERP Software: 8 Points of Comparison

Jun 01, 2019
Nandinee Biswas
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Cutthroat competition to provide personalized services and a battle of loyalty programs to attract customers are some of the aspects that define the modern hospitality industry. This massive overhaul is witnessed with the advent of many small and medium players who are giving the big businesses in the industry, a run for their money.

Modern hospitality establishments such as hotels and restaurants need strong and customizable business management systems to stay ahead of their competitors. By deploying ERP software, they can reduce manual processes and spend more time in strategizing to better serve their customers.

Here are eight features your prospective ERP Software must have to support your hospitality business.

What are the Features of ERP Software for Hospitality Industry?

Easy inventory tracking with hospitality ERP software

Keeping track of every single item that comes into the storehouse and goes out is important in order to measure the quantity of products getting consumed. Without having control on this, you would not be able to spot the most and least used items in your stock or identify the product cost you need to optimize.

An ideal hotel and Restaurant management software automates stock tracking and makes managing them much easier. The system allows setting alerts that would notify users in advance to stock up critical products before they run out or clear the stocks that are about to expire. This way, it helps you achieve more optimized inventory and reduce waste.

Central reservation system

ERP systems complemented with dedicated reservation module can efficiently checks and displays bookings schedules with information about current and upcoming reservations on its dashboard. It enables easy monitoring and managing of bookings and allocations while prevents overbookings or any duplication.

With significantly fast inputting and editing options, these modern restaurant hotel management software would make you more efficient to provide better customer service, serve more guests, and thus increase business revenue.

Features of ERP Software for Hosopitality Industry

Offer the best customer service with hospitality ERP

Dealing with customers is critical to the hospitality industry. Collecting and organizing guests’ data makes it easy for businesses to keep in touch with current and past customers, run tailor-made loyalty programs, know their preferences and accordingly design marketing campaigns that convert.

ERP software integrated with CRM (customer relationship management) module streamlines customer data from multiple systems and use this information to create better customer interactions. With this module, you can attain a well-organized feedback system to personalize the customer experience and improve services to attract more guests.

Staff allocation system

Every hotel and restaurant business needs staffs. Managing them efficiently improves workflow and overall performance of the business.

An ERP software with HCM (human capital management) tool automates HR processes and connects staffs from all departments. Managers can use one single system to make a list of tasks, assign, and track them. This saves time, which they can spend on bringing business improvements rather than just completing mundane every day administrative task.

Simplify order and payment process

Restaurants and hotels have to deal with multiple payment transactions every day. A robust POS integrated ERP software automates the process and makes it easy and error-free.

The point of sale module also enables dynamic pricing, allowing businesses to set flexible prices for their hotel rooms or foods served based on past customer visits, location, season, local events, and so on. This improves pricing strategies with an increase in selling at optimal rates.

Moreover, the POS systems include defined tax margins that automatically calculates taxes for each transaction. Thus, irrespective of the kind of transaction, order management and payment processing becomes much simpler and faster.

Reports and analytics

Analytics provides better visibility into all the key areas of your business. It is unarguably one of the defining features in an ERP software that helps you to deal with present business challenges and be prepared for the future ones.

An ideal ERP software for restaurants and hotels is capable of generating various types of automated reports based on numerous industry parameters. This would help you to see and prioritize your actions towards generating more business revenues and profits.

Integrations and built-in features of hotel management ERP system

Industry-ready software is the best pick for any business as they include built-in features that are specially designed to support all the unique needs of that particular industry.

However, depending upon the nature of your business, you might also need some additional specialized and granular features. With these nuances in mind, smooth integration and customization capabilities matter for better functioning of the software to achieve stronger operational control.

Cloud-based technology

Cloud-based systems offer greater scalability and flexibility. They can be constantly and seamlessly updated and require lesser initial deployment investments with zero maintenance cost.

Cloud hospitality ERP software, provides real-time information and remote data access, which makes your business operating in single as well as multi-locations, more manageable.

An efficient hospitality management ERP software plays a huge role in business success. Therefore, choosing it is one of the most critical decisions that impact your business operations as well as its growth. So before getting involved in software implementation, get help from Focus Softnet’s ERP consultants to find the apt ERP solution for your business and smooth deployment of it.

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