ERP Modernization: How the Cloud ERP Delivers Scalability, Security & Innovation

Dec 14, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
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ERP software serves as the backbone for building a cognitive business where you can streamline processes and intelligently utilize real-time data to promote operational efficiency, enhances collaboration, and immediately respond to changes. The system is meant for running all mission-critical business operations throughout your organization including, accounting, payroll, production, distribution, and more.

In this era of advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, process automation, and more, your ERP solution is expected to perform at a higher speed and accuracy while having the capacity to handle more data and users. Because of this, industry leaders are now more inclined to adopt ERP modernization.

In this article, we’ll discuss the need for ERP software modernization and how it is going to impact your business growth.

When Would You Need ERP Modernization?

Though it is difficult to explain when is the perfect time to upgrade your ERP software and the legacy system deliver significant proficiency in managing your business operations; however, the changes taking place in your organization that your current on-premises deployment is unable to hold back can help in identifying the right time for getting familiarized with the modern system.

Regardless of the industry or scale of your business, if you are experiencing any of these restrictions, your need for a modern cloud-based ERP system becomes apparent.

  • Usability dissatisfaction increases among your employees and they are finding difficulty in entering or retrieving information in the ERP application.
  • Management reporting becomes too cumbersome and challenging due to the ERP system’s limitations.
  • Your ERP needs to be upgraded for which investment in new hardware is required.
  • Your ERP software has become old; frequent maintenance is increasing your IT resource costs.
  • Conflicting data from non-integrated and disparate systems are restraining your business growth.
  • The ERP system is unable to handle the rapidly growing business demands, data, and the number of users.
  • ERP software is unable to adapt to the change in compliance regulations, market conditions, and business processes.

  •  Cloud ERP Software

    How Cloud ERP Delivers Modernization?

    New technologies and changes in the business environment are making companies opt for ERP modernization. A cloud ERP software modernizes your business in multiple ways, which includes:

    Boundless scalability

    By adopting the cloud platform, you can free yourself from the burden of spending on hardware and internal IT resources. Just paying an annual or monthly subscription to your ERP vendor would be sufficient for ensuring that your ERP system runs efficiently with no breakdowns.

    Further, the cloud ERP system also increases the nimbleness. Unlike an on-premise solution, in a cloud ERP software, you can buy what you need at the moment and later on scale up or down the features as required. This scalability enhances the dependency on the system as it can quickly evolve to accommodate the rise in operations, users, and data as your business grows.

    Multilayered security

    One of the most important reasons for modernization is secured access and use of data. Businesses these days are increasingly becoming data-driven. And when data is valuable, it becomes more vulnerable to attacks.

    Cloud-based modern ERP software offers a multilayered security infrastructure model. This helps you to define user-specific authorization, which allows only the authorized personnel to access the database. The system further enables you to keep track of the user activities to eliminate any chance of unauthorized access or data breaches.

    Adapting innovations

    Mostly, innovations are dedicated to the use of new technologies. Businesses are now starting to take advantage of technologies like machine learning, chatbots, and Artificial Intelligence to improve their existing processes and increase opportunities.

    However, to proliferate the benefits of these advanced technologies, you need to have the right platform to support them and seamlessly connect with your ERP application. Cloud-based systems facilitate this and allow ample flexibility for including more innovations.

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