Is Shipment Tracking a Nightmare?

Jul 5, 2019
Nandinee Biswas
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If you are in the business of producing, selling or distributing goods, you very well know the struggle of tracking shipment and have probably remained sleepless wondering how you are going to keep an eye on all.

To run an operation with multiple complexities is not easy. In particular, if your company is not set up with the right kind of operation management software, your growing business would struggle with shipment tracking nightmares.

Only a robust ERP software can fix the challenges of shipment tracking faced by organizations dealing with it on a daily basis. Starting from the distributor or supplier of raw material sending a shipment to the final product reaching the end consumers, ERP software keeps track of all.

"Having the right technology partners to assist us is a key part of our growth strategy"

- By Mike Weindel, vice president of Dupré’s SCS division.

For this reason, ERPsystems are trusted with bringing operational efficiency to any business. Let’s find out how ERP solutions help in shaping businesses to meet the shipment tracking challenges.

Your control system gets smarter

ERP software has revolutionized the concept of streamlining operations and sharing information between various departments and functions. These systems include smart dashboards and advanced reporting tools that allow users to drill down into each operational details, check their metrics and alerts.

This visibility-focused aspect of ERP applications improves predictive analytics. These systems examine a broader set of data from the past to gain early insight into future product demands as well as know about the disruptions that are most likely to occur in the course of shipments being delivered to the desired locations.

With the help of the superior predictive analysis capabilities, your ERP software would report the possibility of your shipment getting late or any change in route required, under certain circumstances. Thus, it empowers you to attain higher control over the operations and act smart to avoid disruptions.

Early insight into future demands has the power to convert disruptions or opportunities.

Digitize freight movement

Digitization of freight movement is about automating processes that are involved in the shipment of goods. These include label and packing slip generation, carrier rate quoting, costing, scheduling of pickup times, and numerous more.

ERP systems include exceptionally effective technology. They have capabilities to automate all these processes and improve their efficiencies; store data collected from multiple sources in a centralized platform to offer you greater transparency and access. These systems use the database and barcode information to monitor delivery dates and track status of the shipment in real time.

This way, your ERP system allows you to see the entire operation through the dashboard, utilize the data to quickly produce a variety of reports, and therefore makes managing them much easier.

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Well-defined order management

Shipment requirements flow from orders. Mistakes in the order fulfillment process would result in a negative impact on the companies’ competency. So, when it comes to on-time or correct delivery of goods, a well-defined order management system, continues to be essential.

ERP software aids in successful order management. It allows you to capture information including entry of the order, processing, pulling inventory, and payments while ensuring that all these activities are well-coordinated and errors are kept to a bare minimum.

Stronger grip on financials

ERP applications feature financial accounting modules. From the historic data stored in these systems, you would able to analyze the cost incurred per shipment, compare estimated with actual costs, and evaluate profits. This, in turn, helps you keep track of your each and every shipments profitability, further assisting you to focus on investing in shipments that have a greater profitability ratio.

The better control you have on the financial statements, the faster you are able to count your profits.

It is quite evident that ERP systems have the potential to reduce costly guesswork and induce superior control on shipments, at every stage. For this reason, these tools are capable of giving the edge to the organizations with operational efficiency, much-needed to sustain and earn profit in today’s highly competitive market.

Why not talk with our ERP experts? Discuss your business challenges and they would help you find the perfect ERP software solution that works best for you.

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