How ERP Software Helps Small Retail Businesses in India?

July 25, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
How ERP Software Helps Small Retail Businesses How ERP Software Helps Small Retail Businesses

Technological advancements have made the retail industry go through significant changes. Today, consumers expect that they would be able to shop seamlessly across multiple channels. To make this work, even the most traditional retailers are moving towards adopting the new business environment.

Small retail businesses are no different. Even they operate on tight margins and experience the rising competition from new retail formats. They also have to deal with varied pricing, discounts, constantly moving stock, employees, and more. Further, when their businesses expand, managing all those operations at multiple outlets becomes a tough job.

Staying ahead needs streamlined operations and all information at the fingertips. But this control cannot be brought through incompetent tools or manual methods. This is where ERP software assists in.

Role of ERP Software in the Retail Industry

A unified ERP software platform takes care of end-to-end retail business needs. The system helps you in easy tracking and recording of business transactions in real-time. It provides consistent information flow that aids you in managing your business operations with efficiency. A well-designed retail ERP software optimizes store operations, improves productivity, and enhances customer satisfaction.

The significant changes that retail ERP software can bring includes:

1. Improve responsiveness

Retail ERP software solves the issue. The entire operational data is tracked and stored in a single database. The system allows you to access and share information in real-time, leaving no scope for error or delay in responding to customer demands.

2. Enable optimum resource utilization

Retail management software allows you to capture information that comes from purchase, inventory, sales, and other departments. Control on these data improves monitoring of day-to-day operations and would allow you to locate the shortfall. The system further helps you streamline your effort to eradicate these issues and utilize resources in an optimum manner. This, in turn, reduces the cost of resources used and correspondingly increases profits.

3. More integrated work environment

Retail ERP software allows you to manage the functional areas across your business through a single platform. It removes the barriers to sharing or accessing information and helps you execute business processes efficiently. The integrated system enables you to use the data to monitor and improve your retail operations, thereby benefitting your organization’s overall financial health.

4. Reduce overhead costs and excessive inventory

Inventory is a crucial part of the retail business. An effective inventory management system offers complete control over the entire stock of marketable goods in your retail outlets as well as in the warehouses. Organized stock movement enables you to plan product procurement, reducing overstocking or understocking.

The retail software also includes the barcode scanner, which automates the process of updating the stock movement. This minimized manual handling remarkably improves data accuracy and reduces the overhead costs due to inventory imbalances.

Know How ERP Software Helps Small Retail Businesses in India

Core Features of a Retail ERP Software System in Retail Businesses

A well-designed ERP software makes your retail business flexible and adaptable while ensuring you provide your customers with the buying experience they are looking for and revisit you in the future. The must-have features would make your retail ERP software efficient includes:

Retail workflow automation

An ERP system can automatically route store order restocking, update order statuses, and other retail operations to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

Real-time inventory management

Real-time inventory tracking feature performs frequent cycle counts and provides an accurate view of your stock. This enables quick replenishment of most selling items while supporting you in achieving a balanced product mix.

Multi-location warehouse management

Warehouse management functionality in the retail ERP system supports barcode scanning, which automates stock counting, sales order updating, and more for single and multi-location storehouses. Information accuracy reduces processing costs and errors in warehouse management and order fulfillment

Multi-store order tracking

All retail operations are managed through a single ERP platform. The integrated aspect is the key that ensures the sales orders at your different store outlets are automatically tracked and recorded for providing customers with frictionless shopping experiences.

Demand planning & inventory forecasting

With the retail ERP software, you can track past customer transactions, analyze their purchase preferences, and forecast future demands with higher accuracy.

Returns management

Returns are inevitable in the retail business. Your ERP software needs to have flexible return management features to support different types of return - products returned to the warehouse for immediate resale and goods that are damaged in transit or are faulty when delivered to customers.

Integrated POS tool

POS integrated retail billing software induces payment automation to provide customers with seamless billing experiences.

Intuitive user interface (UI)

Intuitive UI helps users with the not-so-technical knowledge operate the system with ease.

Scalability and adaptability

The scalability option allows your retail management system to accommodate an increase in data and users when your business grows.

Customizability makes a retail ERP system adaptable to put up with changes in your business environment.

The Main Modules of Retail ERP Software

An effective cloud retail ERP system is integrated with various modules to allow you to operate every business area within your organization and make better decisions.

These includes:

  • Retail planning
  • Inventory management
  • Demand forecasting
  • Finance management
  • Vendor management
  • Sales tracking
  • Discount management
  • Customer tracking
  • Loyalty and membership programs

The Best Retail Management Software for your Needs

To conclude, an all-inclusive retail ERP system would be a great companion for managing your stores. We built the best ERP software in India that will help you run your small business and continue supporting as it grows.

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