How Focus 9 Manages Supply Chain Disruptions Caused by COVID-19?

June 01, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
Supply Chain Disruptions Supply Chain Disruptions

With the unfolding of COVID-19 story, the global supply chain is experiencing massive disruption. Swift response to this crisis is the only means to keep up with reasonable continuity of business operations.

As social distancing continues to be the only shield against the spread of novel coronavirus in Singapore, adoption to the new supply chain model is becoming imperative to appropriately acknowledge this significantimmediate challenge.

Fortunately, modern supply chain management technologies have emerged to include organization-wide digitization and automation, there by dramatically improving the visibility and agility across the network. The transformation from traditional into digital supply network breaks down your organization’s functional silos and makes you more connected with the end-to-end supply chain.

The Predictive Power of Focus 9

Focus 9 is designed with progressive features to anticipate disruptions and is configured to appropriately mitigate their impacts. This cloud ERP application not just reduces supply chain risks, but also prepares you to quickly adjust and recover from the unanticipated disruptions and builds a resilient network.

The industry-ready system brings in benefits of digitization and automation to help you sustain in this crisis. Here is how Focus 9 manages the supply chain disruptions.

Providing you with tailored supply chain support

Deploying a cloud supply chain ERP software is always advantageous, but the current volatile business environment is making it all the more necessary. Also, we can tailor and flex the system to support specific needs to help you solve some of the most common and pressing supply chain issues.

Supply Chain Mapping

Allow supply chain mapping and business analytics

The present crisis has elevated the need for having active visibility into the critical components of the supply chain and assessing the real-time data to figure out the potential operational and financial weaknesses.

Focus 9 leverages intelligent data analytics features to gather insights,identify individual supplier risks and assess their impact on your business.

The management system allows you to conduct scenario-based planning exercises to understand the operational implications and lookout for opportunities to improve operations across the supply chain.

Manage logistics and security

A sudden and unprecedented change in the supply chain creates significant logistical and security challenges. The impactis so huge that it has led to shortages of supply,inability to get end-products to their destination, delays in maintenance of vehicles, equipment and rises in theft or loss of assets.

Focus 9 allows you to review data to understand current security threats and consider how high-value assets could be secured, based on priority.

Deploy our supply chain management ERP software to ensure that your logistics capacity is appropriately balanced throughout the network. The system enables you to manage logistics dynamically and identify different scenarios that would mitigate delivery risks

Monitor distributors and resellers

Unprecedented shifts in demand often create stock imbalance. In these circumstances, keeping control on third-party behavior around pricing is necessary to avoid paying more for goods. Appropriately managed on-boarding and contracting with distributors and reviewing contract tenure with third parties is crucial to mitigate risks and losses.

Focus 9 simplifies remote third-party management and document review. It enhances control over tender approval procedures, prevents excessive price inflation and reduces collusion with your distributors.

Summing Up

All-in-all, Focus 9 ERP system sets-up a powerful data-sharing platform. It allows you to get relevant and actionable information at your fingertips and enables you to quickly respond to customers, suppliers and other impacted stakeholders, without having to shave off hundreds of man-hours on chasing information and status reports needed for focusing on higher-value work.

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