How Focus Softnet ERP Helps in Remote Working?

May 28, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
ERP Helps In Remote Working ERP Helps In Remote Working

The COVID-19 outbreak has shaped some unprecedented responses including social distancing and shutting down businesses across the globe. To ensure business continuity and protect the wellbeing of the employees, more organizations are turning towards modern management technology that implements remote working facilities.

We are enabling enterprises to make the shift. Our remote ERP software promotes staying connected with your employees working from home and help you sustain the lockdown.

Work Remotely: How Focus Softnet ERP Helps You Connect?

With today’s circumstances, switching to the digitization and having remote employees is no longer just a possibility, it has become a requirement and Focus ERP solutions make it easier.Our modern ERP software systems harness the power of cloud technology, making employee management relatively painless for companies who have adopted to work remotely.

Your employees need to access data and use tools as they would when they were working within the office premises. Their productivity largely depends on how quickly, easily and seamlessly they are provided with this access.

Remote access is an inherent feature of our cloud ERP software. Acting as a centralized database for almost all of your company’s information, our ERP systems allow your employees to access the stored data and connect modules from any where and from any device so that they are able to perform their unique day-to-day activities without disruption.

Getting started with Focus Remote is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is download and install Focus Remote on your office system and your PC at home. Once configured, you could securely access and use the files you had saved on your office computer remotely.

ERP Helps In Remote Working

Benefits of Remote Work Management Software

Working remotely brings transition for both the employee and the team. And, technology makes this process smoother than ever before. Our remote work management software is built-in with numerous process tools to make it easier to run the whole company remotely.

Focus ERP cloud benefits businesses in reducing the impact of lockdown and addresses common remote work concerns.

Facilitating effective communication

Communication is one of the top concerns of remote workers. However, Focus ERP systems come pre-equipped with tools and features to provide real-time access to information and alleviate the communication gap within your team and between departments.

Focus ERP has a centralized database with up-to-date business data, meaning it is one source of truth for across the company and all employee have access to the same set of information whenever they need.

File sharing is also easier with Focus ERP. These systems enable you to upload and save business data securely on the cloud, which you as well as your teammates can access when needed.

Ensuring data security

Focus ERP systems offer extensive accessibility to facilitate remote workers with all conditions of working from a traditional office. Though your business data is accessible from a variety of entrance points, these systems include security measures necessary to keep your information safe.

Further, these applications operate in a multilayer security approach to protect against any possible breach or error and also notify you with alerts about suspicious situations or attempts made to access data, and audit database activity.

Determining workflow

When you workremotely, staying organized with your responsibilities and managing workflows with the rest of your teammates is a hefty task.

Focus ERP systems enable you effortlessly create workflows that manage tasks. Use these software applications to keep track of all tasks progressed and set up rules to get notified when a task is assigned to youwhen a task is moved from one teammate to another and on other changes based on the criteria you determine.

Financial benefits and business saving

Focus ERP systems are hosted on the cloud and are accessed through the internet.These, aside from reducing overhead costs that businesses save when operations are optimized, also saves oncosts for infrastructure and other additional equipment. Furthermore, as yourworkforce grows, these systems scale with you, without increasing your equipment costs.

Cloud ERP systems add to cost savings with increased productivity. Better reporting leads to reducing manhours spent on routine tasks, creating more time for employees to focus on innovation, collaboration with other team members and enhancing processes.

Cloud ERP: Modern Remote Monitoring Software Critical for Today’s Businesses

The current day crisis has brought disruptive impacts on businesses in every industry. Thankfully, our ERP software solutions have evolved dramatically in recent years, helping firms to quickly address thiscritical situation by continuing to function remotely.

These systems ensure you and your team don’t need to travel and yet maintain a high level of work efficiency.

Fill in the form to contact our team to know more about Focus Remote, our cloud-based solution and become a more connected business with employees working remotely.

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