12 Ways How School ERP Software Could Improve Experience of Student/Parent

Aug 31, 2022
Nandinee Biswas

As the world started adopting new technology to simplify day-to-day tasks, ERP systems began to play a vital role in improving every industry, including the education sector.

Schools that nurture and adopt new technologies could observe, internalize, and even act on the slightest changes in behavior, expectations, and preferences of students to enhance their learning experience. From digitizing the admission process and lesson planning to attendance monitoring and student journey tracking, school ERP software stores all academic data centrally, making campus management effortless.

How does School ERP Creates Better Student/Parent Experiences?

Adopting ERP for campus management means schools are moving towards proactive management. They would use predictive analytics to act on insights and make data-driven decisions. Here is how the ERP software for schools improves students' and parents' experience.

It makes the pre-admission inquiry process easier

The pre-admission process is hectic not just for school but for parents and students. When the school administration department is loaded with queries about their course offerings every minute, students and their parents are troubled with searching for information on multiple channels to ensure that they choose the best institute and course for admission.  

School ERP system makes this long-drawn process shorter and more manageable. School management solutions could enter and store all relevant data in the system's centralized database and make it accessible for student/parents searching for them through the inquiry and applicant registration module.

This relieves the admin team from manually handling pre-administration queries, and parents get the necessary information without investing much time and effort.

It facilitates hassle-free admissions-process

During and after the admission process is completed, the school authority has to store information about students enrolled securely and applicants rejected. Selected students are enrolled in specific batches, while rejected candidates are informed about their application status.

All these activities could be done using well-configured school management ERP software. The system automates the admission process, keeps track of application status end-to-end, and accurately records communications in one place. This saves time and makes the admission process error-free.

It automates ID cards generation

Once students enroll, they are issued identity (ID)cards. ID cards could be automatically generated with the help of ERP software. The system includes customizable templates and uses the student details captured during the admission process to instantly create multiple ID cards in different formats without needing an additional workforce.

It encourages student-teacher-parent collaboration

A collaborative learning environment helps students stay better informed and improve their academics. School management ERP helps establish parent and teacher communication and makes them feel more connected with schools.

The system lets parents directly ask their queries to the teachers to clarify their doubts and get feedback about their child's performance. Teachers could communicate with parents or vice-versa on any matter on the spot without any delay, and together they could bring out the most of the student.

It provides real-time attendance insights

ERP software integrated with a biometric reader auto records student attendance. Teachers get insights into attendance and are notified about the absent students. This attendance report could be sent to the parents with an aim to keep them updated about their child’s regularity. The system also allows to promptly alert parents whenever their child misses a day of school.

ERP Software for Schools

It makes homework and assignment tracking easier

School ERP software streamlines the process of managing homework and assignments by providing a centralized platform for distribution, submission, and tracking. Students can access assignment details, deadlines, and resources conveniently. Teachers can assign tasks, track submissions, and offer feedback digitally. This feature ensures organized assignment management, encourages timely submissions, and facilitates effective communication between teachers, students, and parents regarding academic tasks and progress.

It digitizes students' report cards

Schools take periodic assessments to test their students' grasping skills and knowledge.

School ERP system includes modules with customizable grade-book templates that allow users to add or remove attributes, which makes creating and managing examination results easier. The system enables teachers to develop numerous exams. Parents could access the grade book of their children to understand how they have performed in different examinations conducted in the school.

It notifies about upcoming events in school

Rather than depending on informing parents about the essential school updates during parent-teacher meetings or through their child's diary, you could use educational ERP software. The system keeps a record of parents' contact details and notifies them about upcoming events organized by the school through text messages, emails, or push notifications. This improves message delivery accuracy, and parents never miss special occasions in their child's academic journey.

It enables better learning flexibility

Post covid outbreak, online learning has become an essential part of school facilities. It offered students easy access to classroom videos and other study materials while providing them the flexibility to take up the lessons from home. ERP software helps keep track of study material shared, student attendance, lessons plan, assignments, grades, and so on.

It records the progress profile of non-academic activities

The school life of a student is not about academic performance. It consists of many non-academic activities they like to participate in year after year when in school. School ERP software keeps records of all this information and allows parents to access them along with the custom remarks of their child. This guides them on how their child performs in academic and non-academic activities and their interest in them.

If offers more digital safety to information

School authority requires safely storing information about their alumni and students. This volume increases every year with new batches enrolling and leaving the institute.

When it comes to data safety, it is crucial to adopt school management software rather than storing the students' details in paper files stacked on random shelves with a high risk of misplacement or damage.

The cloud-based ERP providers follow high standard security protocols to ensure that your student's data is safe from any data breach attacks through. The encrypted server network enables data to be accessed only by the person it is meant to be.

It simplifies student fee payment

Pay fees make parents visit their child's school and wait in long queues. This makes the process hectic and time-consuming.

With ERP software, institutes could digitize this process and allow parents to pay fees online, using different payment methods like UPI, Credit or Debit card, and Net Banking from anywhere.

The system also notifies parents about fee collection deadlines well in advance. This way, the fee collection process becomes more manageable - improving parents' experience and helping the institution get their due fees on time.

We Could Help Customize Your Learning Experience

The right ERP solution for your school would provide you with advanced tools to make schooling more effective for the students.

Focus Softnet offers one of the best ERP software for schools to cater to complete campus management needs.

Fill in the form to learn more about the software solution and how it could get your school a clear growth path.

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