How a Warehouse Management System Benefits Business Performance?

July 31, 2018
Nandinee Biswas
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Modern competitive environment requires redesigning of functionality for a warehouse to deliver the desired results and sustain in the industry. In this context, a well-defined warehouse management system (WMS) plays a significant role in physically performing the specific offering. The ERP solution can, at large, reduce paperwork by digitalizing every process, from picking shipments from supplier to shipping the goods to the customer. The automated system also reduces human error, increases efficiency and productivity of each process, thereby leaving a considerable impact on the overall business. Let's take a close look at how a warehouse management system benefits business performance.

Saves warehouse space

A well-organized warehouse where inventory is managed correctly saves a lot of space. The ERP application for warehouse management ensures accurate stocking of inventory. It enables users to get a complete insight into slotting and pulling of orders, offering them a clear understanding of how many items are actually needed. This, in turn, can reduce the chance of overstock or understock, leading to proper utilization and saving of space.

Improves bin management

Knowing the accurate inventory details in the warehouse is vital. This includes the need to have a perfect record of receiving and put-away locations. Sometimes, the incoming products are stored in wrong shelf slots, making it difficult for pickers to locate them. Radio-frequency ID (RFID) enabled system acts as a defense against this problem and makes bin management easier. Barcodes verify the correct location of the item and provide information to re-slot.

When you have a clear overview of stock locations, it drastically reduces the time spent on searching for them. It also improves cycle counts, bringing accuracy to the inventory records for a more effective inventory planning.

Optimizes inventory planning

A right warehouse management system is the most favorable tool to achieve a balanced stock. It offers a simplified way to monitor just-in-time inventory, improves record accuracy, and enables appropriate demand planning. This enables warehouses to store items in a proper environment and in the most effective order, which reduces on-hand quantities, and safety stock, thereby minimizing waste, scrap, and other obsolescence.

The core of this successful solution is automation, which eliminates the strenuous manual processes and eases out the connectivity between all business units.

Curbs operating expenses

A warehouse management software can streamline different business processes and determines the most effective way to utilize workforce, space, inventory, and machinery. With the help of the solution, you can identify the expiring and perishable items and have them picked first for delivery. This optimizes the picking and putting-away efforts, which reduces overall waste and results in considerable savings over a period of time.

Focus Softnet

Improves relations with customers and suppliers

The benefits of warehouse management ERP is not limited to just the internal processes of the organization, it is extended far beyond. The intelligent design and automated process of the software optimize the operations, leading to accurate picking and shipping of orders. This reduces response time and errors in the fulfillment process, leading to both suppliers and customers enjoy superior service with fewer inaccuracies.

Boosts productivity

Businesses using warehouse management software are found to have optimized material flow that can crank out more work in less time. These systems provide better inventory control, which has significant benefits for workers as they know exactly where any particular product is shelved. This saves time that is otherwise spent on searching, decreasing the risk of overexertion. Moreover, the system also helps cross docking of shipments, thereby reducing warehouse handling and increasing the overall productivity in your warehouse.

Increases security

A modern warehouse management system includes advanced tracking features that effectively keep meticulous records of the inventory. The software allows creating individual user accounts for each employee, which they need to use at the time of entering transactions. This creates a trail where each transaction is connected to specific employees, improving accountability and reducing the risk of loss among other related issues. All in all, WMS software implementation enhances the security of your warehouse.

Effective management control

The integrated technology introduces a better warehouse management with effective control. ERP software generates a real-time report for every business operation in a warehouse, including finance, human resource, inventory tracking and demand planning; offering advance warnings to control mistakes and issues within the processes that are likely to bring loss to the business.

Benefits of a well-designed warehouse management platform are easily noticeable after its implementation. However, finding the software that would be the best fit for the business or can accommodate its unique demands, still remains one of the biggest challenges. This is where Focus Softnet comes in to rescue, helping organizations understand and implement the modern generation ERP solution that would provide innovation, functionality, and versatility needed for businesses to survive and scale up.

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