The Top 6 CRM Trends

Aug 04, 2017
Ahmed Zakria
Focus Softnet Focus Softnet

The CRM industry has played a vital part in the massive business expansion witnessed in the 21st century. Relying heavily on technology and software developments, CRM systems have constantly evolved into better and more dynamic solutions. With the advent of social media and smartphones, customer behaviour has changed and the marketing and sales experts are changing their approach of targeting them. Successful CRM solution providers have always given importance to the best practises and continued innovation to stay on the top of the game.

So, what are the new trends in CRM? Here we identify the 6 emerging trends and delve into factors responsible for their rise.

1. Cloud-based CRM

Like in other services, CRM has not fallen behind when it comes to adapting to cloud computing. Cloud-based software is a cost-efficient means of gathering customer data. As customer data and its sources are already available, on-site resources no longer need to scout for leads to feed into a system for future sales calls. Cloud-based CRM will gain momentum as cloud-based applications continue to progress.

2. Social CRM

Earlier, any kind of feedback –positive or negative- was usually forwarded to and remain within the confines of the company. However, with social media, feedback now reaches markets even before it reaches the service provider. Consumers are empowered by social networking sites to influence product or brand image and perception. This is why Software vendors are now responding to social CRM needs and investing in social media optimization to keep customers positively engaged with the brand and company.

3. Centralized data

Data is one thing that companies will always sift through, to get a better insight of their customers’ minds. Through extensive data collection and analysis, business are able to target and engage customers more effectively. CRM data won’t end with generating leads for the sales team but will be a continuing process that also includes maintaining relationships with a growing customer base.

4. Mobility

Mobility has changed how customers change their perception through their online experience. Customers are no longer bound to PCs and are constantly accessing data on the go. Frontline employees and customer service resources will increasingly be empowered by mobile devices for support.

5. Flexibility

Experts have long since said that flexibility for CRM users is a major requirement when companies buy the software. Flexibility allows them to customize the software to meet their needs. Other key considerations include ease of integration and multichannel publishing. In other words, a CRM that is flexible and accessible is bound to become more preferred by business organisations than those that are not.

6. Crowdsourcing of ideas

Social media has given a strong voice to customers. They are more educated about products and have clarity about what they want. Companies are taking advantage of this by crowdsourcing for business improvements. By mining fresh ideas from the customer feedback and interactions, companies are able to offer better products and services and can a highly interacting relationship that customers today expect. CRM is no longer a lead generation and marketing solution. It has evolved into a source of innovation and new ideas.

CRM will continue to evolve as technology improves. Businesses look up to CRM systems to navigate the murky waters of customer interaction. Innovative CRM systems not only help in generating leads, they also pave new paths as to how customers can be interacted with. To get the most out of their customers, companies must make effective use of the emerging trends of the CRM by listening and responding to them and harnessing the power of evolving technology. This will help them deliver exactly what the customers want and will bridge the gap between expectations and supply.

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