10 Powerful Features of a CRM Software that Skyrocket Your Sales

Aug 24, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
powerful features of a crm software powerful features of a crm software

A successful business thrives on customer experience. It needs to be flexible and have good organizational planning skills to keep up with the customer demands, correctly diagnose their problems, and provide them with satisfactory solutions. Companies that rely on manual methods or spreadsheets or a consortium of multiple software to maintain positive interactions with the prospects and existing customers often find these tasks time-consuming, tedious, and prone to human error.

A modern CRM software carries the workload for entire sales processes in a more optimized way. The system has advanced capabilities to help businesses get more agility, accuracy, and efficiency into the sales operation. 

What to Look for in the Best CRM Software?

CRM software aims to address challenges like losing track of customer conversation, missing follow-up meetings, phone calls not conducted as promised, choosing the leads or prospects to focus based on guesswork rather than fact and more. The system helps the sales team easily update customer records and get access to insightful information that can transform the business. 

Let's take a close look at the abilities the best CRM software must-have:

Mobile-ready CRM for remote working

Mobile-ready CRM software allows your sales team to update and access the key information from wherever they are. The system makes it possible to run the whole sales process from the phone, starting from generating leads to closing deals. This functionality supports quick sharing of essential sales data to reduce the processing time.

Integration-friendly system

Today, social media has become an active source to generate leads and get information about customers. When CRM software is integrated with social media platforms, all the streams related to prospects and customers are automatically recorded in the system. This provides new actionable insights for sales closure. 

Ease-of-use solution

Even the best CRM solutions cannot provide the expected outcomes if the employees are unable to handle it effectively. So, make sure the system you pick has an intuitive interface, is easy-to-use, and ample user support is available. This would reduce the time and resources spent on employee training and you get a faster ROI.

Scalability of the system

While getting a CRM software, check for its scalability to support your future business needs. A good CRM software not just fit your company's current sales needs, but also has the potential to accommodate the increase in data and users as your business grows.

best crm software features

Top 10 Core and Common Features of CRM Solution

The main purpose of CRM software is to drive sales by helping businesses manage their relationships with prospects and customers. With the right set of features, the system can help you save huge amounts of time and boost profits.

Top features of CRM system include:

1. Contact management

All customers and prospects are valuable, and so keeping track of their information is crucial. The contact management feature in the CRM software helps you store this information, starting from contact details to service conversations, all in one place. It allows you to easily access and update the best time to reach a prospect or customer, the reason for contacting them, and other related information.

2. Lead management

Every business needs new customers. Getting leads is difficult, but it is equally challenging to track and manage them to deal closure. CRM system eases this process. It enables you to monitor lead pipeline activities, from lead generation through sales conversion.

3. Sales forecasting

The sales forecasting feature provides you with better visibility of your current sales pipeline and enables you to predict your future sales more accurately. It also aids you anticipate market changes to alter your sales plan based on it and mitigate your business risks. 

4. Email integration and tracking

Email management feature in CRM lets to keep your emails organized and take complete control of them. The system allows your sales reps to use the pre-defined email templates to craft email content in less time. It also integrates with the calendar to automatically send emails on their scheduled time for engaging prospects and customers.

5. Information sharing

CRM software with searchable database provides easy access to customer data. Your sales team can upload information to a centralized system and share it with coworkers as needed.

6. Customer analytics

Real-time customer analytics in CRM application improves your business decisions. The system collects all the necessary data from various sources to spot the buying habits of your customers and help you plan your sales strategies.

7. Multiple sales report

The reporting functionality in CRM allows you to generate reports based on multiple factors like location, sales stage, and more. This extensive detail helps you to locate and troubleshoot the anomalies as they arise.

8. Workflow automation

CRM software automates repetitive tasks within the sales process. It is used to pre-define workflows that trigger actions or send you reminders for the upcoming event. 

9. Quotation management

CRM system enables you to generate sales quotes and send to customers easily.

10. Document management

Use CRM software to record and securely store all information in a centralized location, making information easier to access and share.

Pick the Best CRM Software in the Market

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