Distribution ERP Software and Why Do You Need it?

Aug 17, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
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Growth in the distribution business depends on how often the company’s short-term and long-term goals are successfully achieved. This requires analyzing the potential of challenges and the capabilities to handle them. Identifying these involves a routine analysis of processes and systems. This is where ERP software helps in.

ERP software today is much more efficient than in the past. It is now easier to implement and simpler to use. A good distribution ERP software is also capable of bringing numerous benefits to the establishment.

What is Distribution ERP Software?

The distribution industry is rapidly changing. There is no way to meet the customer demands with disparate systems, no consistent version of the information, and error-prone manual processes. You need a fully integrated distribution management software that can strategically scale-up your business operations and help you efficiently plan, manage, and deliver orders within the promised time.

Distribution ERP software represents this new vision for the management system that provides an end-to-end solution for seamlessly managing your inventory, logistics, supply chain, order, finance, customer service, and all other activities involved in the process.

Why Do You Need a Distribution ERP Software?

Distribution companies comprise of many departments, and anomalies in their workflows often lead to irrecoverable losses. A wholesale distribution ERP software captures real-time information and provides complete visibility into trends and processes. This enables you to find and overcome business challenges quickly.

The system also provides several operational advantages. These include:

Reduced order processing time

Your distribution business receives multiple sales orders every day. Processing all these manually leaves a high chance for human errors and costly delays.

ERP software for distribution company automates the process and allows you to set rules and limits for managing multiple distributions channels. It provides you full control over each sales order and drop shipping. From order placement to merchandize delivery and invoice generation, a distribution ERP system supports you in fulfilling each request more efficiently, in less time.

Improved sales management

The distribution ERP system offers an integrated workflow to automate sales order processing. It allows authorized users to configure sales orders along with applying the rules for discounts or promotional offers associated with each.

The system keeps track of relevant tasks related to delivery status and makes the activity history for every order immediately available. Real-time visibility into sales order status improves sales planning and management.

What is Distribution ERP Software and why do you need It

Know your true operational costs

The ERP for distribution business helps you break down costs incurred in different areas of your business, such as warehouse, supply chain, human resource, etc. This, when compared with the revenue generated by your distribution chain, provides you the right information about profit or loss of your business.

VUI plays a key role in easing your efforts in finding relevant data and navigating through multiple business reports. Further, it is also quicker in executing command for the apparent reason that speaking is faster than typing.

The accurate data enables you to attain powerful control over operational costs, analyze and plan better budgets, optimize spending on each process and improve cost efficiency of the overall business.

Better managed warehouse

Distribution ERP software includes a built-in warehouse management module to automate order fulfillment. Product picking, packaging, counting, and other warehouse activities are performed without manual intervention. This eliminates human errors and increases the accuracy of order processing.

When the products are scanned for order fulfillment, inventory status in the warehouse is automatically updated into the ERP system. You can use this information to plan product procurement and achieve better managed warehouse operations effectively.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Having a strong control over inventory in-stock and in-transit and requiring reordering empowers you to deliver orders on time and improve customer satisfaction.

An efficient ERP system simplifies the process. It keeps track of order fulfillment, shipments, delivery and returns. This helps you provide faster and accurate delivery to the customer and speedily resolves issues that arise during the return process.

Solutions to Meet Your Diverse Requirements

Every distribution business is different and so are their needs. An ideal distribution ERP software is not a one-size-fits-all system. It is included with custom-built features depending on the complexity of your distribution processes, the size of your company, and the scope of your requirements.

We design the best ERP for distribution businesses to meet your needs and deliver noticeable results.

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