5 Reasons you Need an ERP Software for School, College or University Administration

Feb 16, 2021
Nandinee Biswas
school erp system school erp system

The concept of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the education industry has been making a buzz among schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions for quite some time now. It has become a necessary solution in the era of big data.

Every year, your educational institutions collect tons of data about your students, alumni, teachers, staff, courses, fees, assets, lesson plans, and so on. Without the right school ERP system, utilizing this information is nearly impossible. The software would assist you in analyzing the recorded data and make information-driven decisions.

Institutes that already implemented school management systems have witnessed improved efficiency in workflows and enhanced data management, leaving no doubt that it is a proven tool for achieving higher productivity in all the campus operations.

In order to get you started, let’s look at the major reasons you need education ERP software.

But first things first.

What is Education ERP Software?

Education ERP software is an all-inclusive campus management system designed to make every operation in an institute run smoothly and provide administrators with better access to staff and student information.

When the surge for data becomes higher in the educational institute, it becomes difficult to track and maintain multiple activities related to the admissions process, attendance, fee for multiple courses, term-wise examinations, results, and other records. The student information system automates this complex data management process. It also allows information sharing across various departments and locations while establishing clear communication between management, staff, and students.

Implementing an apt ERP system can help improve the effectiveness of various campus operations and increase the efficiency of planning, designing, and operating academic resources.

Why Educational Institutions Need ERP Software?

Every year, education institutions need to accumulate and safely store endless information from numerous processes. ERP software helps in recording this data in real-time and manage operations effectively. It provides:

Centralized system to maintain all records

Educational ERP integrates the whole campus into a single platform. The system is capable of gathering, storing, and analyzing available data, including the admission form, student information, faculty details, examination records, fee payments, and more. It digitizes these records and makes them accessible to different departments, thus bringing greater efficiency to the administration process and information management.

With an ERP system, information sharing between administrator, staff, teachers, and students become convenient. This fills the communication gap between them, enables them to stay connected, and remains up-to-date with everything happening on the campus. This administrative transparency builds trust in parents and students in the institute.

Complete data safety and security

It is not a shock that you need to maintain a huge volume of academic information for an extensive period of time. Apart from keeping records of ongoing operational data, you need to store student information from the time they enrol, during the course, and after completing their academic tenure.

Managing the physical records of this information is never secure. You need ERP software that is capable of not just safely storing the data but also able to retrieve it when needed. Furthermore, the system also offers controlled access to information and allows admittance only to the authorized users so that data integrity and privacy are kept intact. Thereby, it ensures uttermost security from any data breaches.

Improved resource management

The broad purpose of resource management in school, college, and other educational organizations is to ensure that it is able to allocate funds efficiently on these necessities. Considering the diverse nature of resources used, it is particularly challenging to deal with it manually. Therefore, to successfully address this, you need highly efficient ERP software to track the inventory and resource usage within your institution.

The ERP application helps you keep a real-time record of available and required stock and generate reliable and accurate reports of current and future needs. This makes it easier for you to predict the requirement and optimize the functions, saving you from overstocking or understocking perils.

Digital transformation simplifies operations

Digital transformation is the future of every industry, and education is no exception. With more and more educational institutes adopting advanced technology, it is spreading its web in this sector, redefining how these organizations handle their operations.

An educational ERP software makes digital transformation possible. It gives you the leverage to completely automate the administration processes in your institute. From enrollment to fee management and course completion to alumni record, the system offers to manage everything. It simplifies long and cumbersome processes and makes planning and executing them effortlessly.

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Induce process-wide cost-efficiency

Your educational institution needs to deal with multiple processes on a day-to-day basis. If these are manually managed, it takes time and is often prone to errors, thereby decreases the productivity of your institute’s operations.

ERP system streamlines multiple disparate systems into a single user-friendly platform to connect all organizational processes. The data generated from these can be quickly collected and easily shared across the departments. Analysis of this information helps you make better decisions.

By automating your institute’s processes, the ERP software minimizes human intervention. This decreases man-hours, reduces mistakes, speeds-up all the functions, and improves workflow efficiencies, ultimately reducing the operational costs.

Education ERP Software Features to Consider

An education ERP system can handle all aspects of your institution only when it is appropriately equipped. If you are looking for an ERP solution to make your campus management easier, you need to look for the crucial features the platform must-have, and they are:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful scheduling tool
  • Automated attendance management
  • Integrated web-portal
  • Responsive mobile apps
  • Multiple billing and invoicing facility
  • Data import and export provision
  • Accessible course material
  • Email, SMS, and other alert mechanisms

Implement the Best Education ERP Software

ERP software has revolutionized the administration of educational institutions. The system enables everyone involved in the academic process to connect and gain better visibility into the information they need.

At Focus Softnet, we offer the best school ERP software designed specifically for the educational establishments to attain strong command over every operation and improve overall campus management.

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