Focus Softnet Launches Mobile Point-of-Sale App

Introducing Focus Mobile Point-of-Sale (MPOS) by Focus Softnet, combining the power and functionality of POS into mobile devices for enhanced flexibility. "We are pleased to launch Focus MPOS, which is another robust solution created for our customers," said Ali Hyder, CEO, Focus Softnet.

Focus Softnet Launches Mobile Point-of-Sale App

"Engaging shoppers quickly and efficiently is crucial to providing exceptional service in today's fast-paced retail market. Focus MPOS gives customers the best POS system experience and increases their operational performance by incorporating time-saving solutions. The software is convenient for users and can be easily integrated with our enterprise solutions, Focus RT and Focus i.

"The solution is powerful with multiple features, which will help businesses improve customer service and store productivity tremendously. Focus MPOS runs on any smartphone and it is simple to use with menu-driven features and a customisable dashboard. We have built this solution specifically for retail chains, hypermarkets, supermarkets, restaurants and any business that is into indoor and outdoor retail sales."

Focus MPOS can integrate with any POS, according to Focus, and track customer history, manage favorites and promos, cross-sell with bill optimisation and do checklist tracking. Some of its other features include retail transactions, mobile-payment processing, location of out-of-stock items and price look-up.