Top-notch Benefits of Focus 9 ERP: Explained

August 26, 2020
Nandinee Biswas
ERP Software Capabilities ERP Software Capabilities

Since inception, ERP software has been increasingly gaining prominence among organizations of all scales and industries, owing to its modernized approach to handling multiple business processes.

However, deciding to implement an ERP system, especially for the first time is always an overwhelming choice. You may even think that running business operations without an ERP system is possible. But, if you want to experience a positive change in the way your business performs and see overall growth, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to witness the benefits of ERP solutions.

Why Implement Focus 9 ERP Software?

The importance of ERP software revolves around how it increases the efficiency your business operations, streamlines the processes, and promotes collaboration between different departments within your organization.

Implementing Focus 9 solution ensures all these, along with automating your day-to-day business activities. The software solution also provides a 360-degree view of different business processes, resulting in optimized workflows with improved productivity and minimized costs.

9 Benefits of Cloud ERP System - Focus 9

Focus 9 ERP software unifies and protects your business information, automates processes, and generates accurate reports to help you run smoother business. With these and other capabilities, the cloud-based ERP solution make your daily operations efficient and long-term planning more effective.

Let’s take a broader look at the advantages of cloud ERP system:

It improves business efficiency

Focus 9 integrates all business processes into one single platform. This makes it easier for you to collect and access cross-departmental data as needed. Besides, the system also automates repetitive tasks, like data entry and report generation, thereby allowing your teams to focus on core business functions while reducing rework due to human errors.

Focus 9 ERP also provides you with quick look-ups dashboards to help you glance at the key performance indicators for planning and implementing strategies that improve business productivity and growth.

It promotes organization-wide collaboration

Focus 9 promotes inter-team data sharing through a single platform. Data silos are integrated and all processes are linked together. This setup allows multiple teams to collaborate and improve the synergy between departments easily.

Further, being on the cloud platform, Focus 9 ERP system also extends collaboration between teams working in remote locations through the internet. The culture of collaboration drives makes your business more competitive.

ERP Software Capabilities

It standardizes business processes

Focus 9 includes industry-ready templates that are developed according to the best practices of specific business verticals. This allows you to standardize your business processes and systems, which also enhances productivity.

Besides, standardized business processes deliver consistent results and allows you to constantly improve the way you operate your organization.

It enhances data security

Focus 9 has built-in firewalls and restriction controls to safeguard your critical business data against breaches. The system includes multi-layered security and user permission rules to ensure tightly monitored access. It provides admins with the flexibility to lock sensitive data while allowing easy access to information based on user permissions.

With Focus 9, you are able to grant or deactivate the access permission of any employee quickly. The ERP system also leverages advanced security features to track and display user actions, helping you spot any unauthorized or suspicious activity.

It allows accurate forecasting

When businesses lack accurate forecasts, they often suffer tremendous losses due to making wrong decisions. So, organizations must get real-time reports on different aspects of their businesses.

Focus 9 provides advanced reporting tools with built-in filters to generate accurate business reports with realistic forecasts. This allows you to shape successful business strategies keeping the estimates within a sensible range of outcomes.

Reduce operational costs

Data analysis and reporting tools are part of next-gen CRM software. With the help of the system, it just takes a few clicks to view all the essential information and evaluate the trends needed for determining the way forward. This helps you save time, allocate resources appropriately, get better returns, and reduce operational costs.

It facilitates you comply with regulations

Meeting compliance requirements is one of the difficult tasks for any business. Focus 9 features built-in regulatory compliance reporting standards that help you achieve your business requirements. The ERP system enables you to validate data and maintain accurate reporting protocols for product regulations, financial accounting, and information security.

It instills flexibility and mobility

Focus 9 has a modular structure and operates on a cloud platform, which increases operational flexibility.

Firstly, it allows you to integrate applications with the system for achieving a more streamlined workflow. Secondly, it offers you the option to upgrade the system for increasing its capacity to accommodate the increase in data volumes and operations as your business grows. Lastly, it gives you mobility as the cloud-based system is accessible on any device with internet connectivity.

It assures cost savings

By implementing Focus 9, you are able to monitor your business operations closely and anticipate disruptions, delays, and breakdowns. This would allow you to be aware of the upcoming issues in advance, thus enabling you to solve them faster.

Maximize Your Business Productivity with Focus 9

Focus 9 is one of the best ERP software in Singapore, having capabilities to maximize your business productivity and profits.

Fill in the form to talk to our product experts and know what to expect from Focus 9 ERP implementation.

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