Trends & Benefits of Healthcare ERP Software – 2019

Oct 17, 2019
Nandinee Biswas
erp-software-trends-in-healthcare-industry erp-software-trends-in-healthcare-industry

Over the years, the healthcare industry has evolved to support the changing patients’ needs and so does its requirements for ERP systems. Today, healthcare ERP software solutions are advanced technology-driven systems that can solve the new-found industry challenges.

The impact of the next-gen technology trends is being relied upon to extend quality patient care at affordable costs while removing the bottlenecks in growth and enhancement. Therefore, these healthcare ERP solutions have become a necessity for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

"As technology advances, it reverses the characteristics of every situation again and again."

- By Marshall McLuhan

What is Healthcare ERP System?

Healthcare ERP system is a broader ERP platform that is categorically designed to support the exclusive needs of the healthcare industry. It eliminates information silos, provides comprehensive view operations, improves process efficiency, and enhance patient care.

Healthcare ERP Software Trends

Inclusion of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are capable to impact every facet of organizational operations, for betterment. It helps hospitals and other healthcare units achieve a high level of automation needed to improve the customer experience at length.

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AI-enabled ERP in healthcare allow administrators and doctors to pull out accurate and on-the-spot data. Thus, it relieves them from the stress of manually checking huge piles of documents to find out the actual information. Furthermore, AI also adds on to the advantage it does to every other industry - reduce costs, speed-up processes, prevent or identity theft, etc.

Synchronized reporting and automation brought through AI significantly contributes to providing cutting-edge solutions to adopt preventive healthcare based on analytics.

Digitizing of Data for Security

Digitizing of data for security

From patients’ prescriptions to medical records to insurance form, every information needs to be stored securely by the healthcare organizations and shared with the relevant parties with uttermost protection. Data security flaws can pose serious threats to the health of patients and the reputation of the organization.

As a result, hospitals and clinics need specially designed ERP software for healthcare industry that can activate digitization of data and introduce secure role-based access to it. Implementing this state-of-the-art technology improves patient care, reduces the risk of losing information, protects important assets, maintain safety and confidentiality, and keep-up to healthcare compliance mandates.

Predictive power improves strategic planning

ERP software is a gigantic repository for all types of operational data. When endowed with predictive analysis capabilities, it becomes a useful tool to assist owners, administrators or managers to make strategic plans that can improve organizations’ overall efficiencies.

ERP systems apply past data to analyze and identify shortcomings. Using the information, decision-makers are able to prioritize actions to actively focus on areas that require immediate improvements.

Scalable to keep up with change

The healthcare industry has to constantly deal with the new addition of data related to medicine, technology, and patients. This often leads to a shortage of storage space. Replacing the existing ERP software with the one with larger capacity can serve the purpose, but the deployment process is both expensive and time-consuming.

On the contrary, scalable ERP solutions are built to grow along with organizations and keep all the processes running. Their capability to deal with system upgrade provides ample room to support the growing volume of data accumulated with each passing day.

    Benefits of ERP in Healthcare Organizations

    Benefits of ERP in healthcare institutes are multifaceted. The platform acts as a centralized system that integrates information from multiple departments. This improves data visibility and allows all applicable personnel to access the info they need, at any single instance. With the help of ERP systems:

  • Patient information and data archives can be managed and utilized better.
  • Process automation eliminates the chance for data duplication and reduces errors.
  • Superior customer relationship management (CRM) results in better patient service, cost savings, and generate more opportunities.
  • Replacing manual charting with Electronic Health Records (EHR) increases the efficiency of accessing and sharing information.
  • With all the information available on a single system, cloud ERP in healthcare units prompt better care and treatment plans for patients.
  • Considerably better financial controls because the information is centralized, integrated and more accessible to everyone concerned.

ERP solutions put patients’ information at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on patient care rather than searching for their clinical information to plan their treatment.


Today, enterprise resource planning technology is changing the way your healthcare organization operates, provided you choose the right solution. And so you need experts’ guidance in selecting the software that is innovative, easy-to-use, and most importantly fits your requirement to provide quality patient care with complete safety.

ERP implementation in healthcare industry is not easy, but Focus Softnet can help you with this. We have over two decades of experience as top ERP healthcare software provider and our solutions are able to enhance the organizations’ operational efficiency and control needed to augment services and gain a competitive edge.

Request a Demo of our next-gen ERP hospital management system.

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