Selecting ERP Software: How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Business?

Oct 31, 2019
Nandinee Biswas
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As organizations grow and businesses expand, the ERP systems that can provide agility to accommodate the complex and evolving workloads becomes paramount.

ERP solutions come in many different forms. Only the right ERP systems allow organizations to securely store sensitive business data, utilize them to improve decision making and help them get the best outcome while achieving business goals.

Legacy methods that include manual administration of business processes are not competent enough to support the fast-paced market challenges and competition. Sustainability now is much dependent on mobility and analytics provided by a scalable and flexible ERP system.

So, how you are going to choose the right ERP software for your business? To make the process easy for you, we have listed six crucial factors that you need to consider. These are definitely going to help you find the system your business deserves.

Assess Your Business’s Functionality Needs

The core purpose of ERP software implementation is to facilitate the integration of all business operations into a single system and improve their productivity. ERP selection process starts with evaluating your business pain points that need attention. Devise a clear understanding of what is being expected from a prospective system - values it is expected to bring to your organization, problems it would be able to solve or growth opportunities it would create for your business.

Thorough and rational scrutiny needs to be done right at the very early stage. Prepare a compiled list of functional requirements in order to choose the features you want your ERP system to be comprised of.

Another key area on which potential ERP systems needs to be evaluated and scored includes its capability to balance the present business needs along with being scalable to support the future requisites.

Understand the ROI, Not Just the Cost Involved

While ERP software implementation requires a considerable amount of investment and price alone is a strong deciding factor, it is equally important to measure the ROI.

A compatible ERP system manifolds business profits and efficiencies that overshadows the initial expenditure. However, if you opt for a less-suited ERP software that is relatively economical at the outset, it would require a whole lot of customization to be suitable, which would eventually lead to additional outlays.

Focus Softnet

One Integrated System for Multiple Departments

Enterprise resource planning systems use one single platform to automate, streamline, and manage all business processes. This means, upon implementing a new ERP application, you either have to replace the systems that you are already using or integrate them to maintain an easy data flow.

ERP systems that are unable to integrate with other software applications lead to an unnecessary increase in labor costs and data migration issues. On the other hand, ERP systems that are capable of consolidation are highly recommended for attaining harmonized platforms on which data can be shared and transmitted across the applications.

Software that is Scalable in Nature

The goals of implementing ERP software solutions is to bring profit and growth to the business. Preference should be given to an ERP system that is scalable and can be upgraded to support the increasing complexities as the business grows. This would remove the redundant cost and time wasted in finding and deploying a new system.

Customization Success

Whatever business you have, chances of finding an ERP software that exactly matches your requirements is severely limited. Therefore, you need to find a system that can be easily adapted and adjusted while still providing value. Customization capabilities of ERP systems are pivotal for achieving it.

A customizable ERP software allows complete optimization of its features to meet the precise needs of a particular business.

Research Well About the Software Vendor

Your vendor’s experience in implementing ERP software plays a crucial role in getting your company the right system that can improve your organization’s productivity and growth the moment it is introduced.

Experienced ERP solution providers have the technical expertise and provide you with skilled resources to smoothen the software transition. On the contrary, an amateur implementation partner might not be able to give the expected results even when they deploy a highly sophisticated ERP system.

An apt ERP software is competent to integrate all business operations, automate data-driven processes, and improve their performance. Conversely, an unsuitable system has the potential to increase errors, which can be damaging to your business. When so much is at stake, it is safe to be meticulous and performing the due diligence is the only way to choose the right ERP system.

Focus Softnet is a globally trusted ERP software vendor for more than 27 years. We help our customers to choose the right ERP solution for their business with complete implementation support. To learn more about our spectrum of on-premise and cloud ERP systems and next-generation implementation techniques, contact us today.

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