Top 5 Benefits of Automation in the Manufacturing Sector

Nov 27, 2019
Nandinee Biswas
Top 5 Benefits of Automation in the Manufacturing Sector Top 5 Benefits of Automation in the Manufacturing Sector

Introduction of automation technology has hugely affected the manufacturing sector in the way it functions. The potential of robotic automation is seen in almost every operation, where automated machines handling multiple complex tasks with perfection and precision.

Manufacturing ERP systems that run on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are making it possible. Further, with the right automation tool, it is surprisingly easy for any manufacturing establishment to reap major business benefits.

Automation provides us with wondrous increases of production and information.

- Robert Kennedy

Let’s take a close look at what is industrial automation, its importance, and the key benefits it offers.

What is Industrial Automation in Manufacturing?

Industrial automation is majorly explained as establishing control on the various manufacturing operations and machinery using technologies and computer systems. It is meant to utilize hardware and software to minimize and sometimes replace human intervention, increase productivity, improve safety, and enhance the profitability of any manufacturing organization.

What is the Importance of Automation in Industries?

Automation is important for industries primarily to improve the quality of work, make services available at faster rates, reduces downtime, and eliminate human errors. It is widely accepted to yield increased safety, flexibility, productivity, reliability, and profitability of the manufacturing establishments.

The benefits of automation often show up through improved product quality, reduced downtime, better labor relations, and a strong reputation in the market.

What are the Major Benefits of Automation in Manufacturing Sector?

Surges production capacity

No automated system can replace human capabilities when it comes to creativity and decision making. But, they are limited by physical capacities and unable to work for extended hours. Unlike a human, an automated manufacturing ERP software is not subject to such restrictions and can continue working round the clock, without any breaks or shift changes.

Furthermore, by having an automated system to control your plant’s operations speed up the production time and reduce repeatability due to lesser manual handling errors. This way, it can enhance the capacity of your production processes, while keeping a check on the quality of goods being produced in your manufacturing plant.

Improves operational accuracy and quality

ERP for the manufacturing industry collects data in real-time to prepare in-depth reports, use these learnings to provide better insights into the operations and improve them. When your business software runs on AI technology, it follows the programmed algorithms to perform tasks that are done over and again, with complete accuracy.

Apart from performing repeated tasks, the automated system monitors all operations and uses its machine learning capabilities to suggest changes, as and when required so that you can retain the quality of the goods that are being produced in your manufacturing plant.

Top 5 Benefits of Automation in the Manufacturing Sector

Lowers employee overhead costs

By implementing cloud-based manufacturing ERP software, you can have your day-to-day work streamlined and make managing them a stress-free affair. The system automates your business processes and therefore reduces your dependency on the workers to perform them.

Again, when menial and repetitive tasks are automated and they are being accomplished by machines, which means that fewer numbers of employees are needed in your manufacturing plan to get the jobs done. This lowers the employee overhead costs, which also reduces the overall operational expenses of your business.

The nature of an effective WMS software is to allow you to gain business-wide operational traceability, real-time speed and responsiveness, and employee accountability.

Increases safety of employees

The manufacturing process varies from one another based on the goods that are being produced. Some of these involve free-flowing operations while others, if not performed meticulously, can be dangerous and life-threatening.

When these risk involved operations are automated, you can be assured that your employees do not have to perform hazardous tasks that are prone to injury and are working in a safe production environment.

Resolves labor shortage issues

Are you struggling to hire skilled labors in your company? If you do, you are not alone. The shortage of skilled labor is quite a concern in the manufacturing industry. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, skilled labors are hard to find and secondly, retaining them is difficult. Fortunately, the problem can be solved to a greater extent through process automation.

Along with making the production process faster, flexible, productive, and cost-efficient, ERP implementation in the manufacturing industry enables you to collect data, analyze and act on it to add value to your business.

Manufacturing companies that do not automate their operations are likely to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Key Takeaways

Given the best ERP for manufacturing business, managing operations become easy like never before. Focus Softnet provides fully customizable ERP for the manufacturing industry in India. These innovative solutions are built with next-gen features to provide you the right weapon that can combat all your business challenges.

If you are considering to introduce automation in your manufacturing establishment, connect with us to discuss your requirements and get experts’ help in choosing the right business management system.

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