What is Cloud ERP and its Benefits for SME Businesses?

July 04, 2018
Nandinee Biswas
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In today’s digital era of high-intensive applications and workloads, the use of a traditional system to manage business operations remains inefficient to get the desired result. A greater choice and flexibility is more appropriate and is offered by a cloud ERP infrastructure. Businesses of all scale, including small and medium-sized enterprises, can reap profits from this automated solution. If you are looking to integrate it, read on to know more about the cloud ERP system and the benefits it can deliver to SME Businesses.

ERP is a software solution which integrates all operations of an enterprise in order to make them accessible from a single platform. A cloud-based ERP has all the benefits of its traditional counterpart but delivers them without any dedicated on-premise server and resources. It provides more innovative and sophisticated ways for businesses to streamline the processes and manage operations better. It takes off the challenge of server and storage space, reduces cost, and concerns related to the software integration and maintenance.

Top 9 Benefits of Cloud ERP System for SME businesses

Faster implementation

A conventional on-premise ERP solution requires a good amount of time, for pre-planning followed by resource allocation and disruption of business operations, to set up and maintain the ERP software. This results in a time lag between the purchase of the software and actually getting it running.

On the contrary, a cloud-based ERP deployment is much easy and quicker with minimum downtime for upgrades. It is managed by the vendors and so the software set-up does not need your intervention, resource allocation or any type of disruption in business operations.

Better performance

For small and medium-sized businesses to have an on-premise server set-up would be difficult as the ERP software needs constant maintenance in order to keep it functioning with the highest efficiency. However, a cloud-based solution only needs a steady Internet connection, which businesses already have, to work with proficiency.

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Real-time data access

Real-time access to data has many benefits. The top ones include higher integration capabilities, immediate update with data synchronization, better accessibility on the go, quick response to customer requests, and more. These all are made possible if you choose to have a cloud-based ERP solution for your business.

Rapid disaster recovery

Just like storing business data safely is important, recovering them in case of system or server crashes is equally essential. The cloud ERP vendors take powerful measures to keep backups of your information so that they can be easily retrieved whenever needed. This eliminates your worry about data loss altogether.

Improved information sharing

ERP solutions help to bring together relevant information across all departments in a more effective manner to improve the business operations. A cloud-based system makes the process even easier. Since it is accessible via the Internet, any authorized person can connect to the system anytime and from anywhere to fetch or update required data. This in turn, greatly helps remotely working employees and management to find and share information they need.

Reduce operating costs

When you choose a cloud-based ERP, the vendor takes care of the software maintenance and updates. The absence of server in your company premises cuts down the maintenance related costs such as IT staff, office space, electricity, repair, and upgrade. It also frees up a plenty of time, which you can utilize to enhance the core competencies of the business. All of this can be achieved just by paying a minimal subscription fee to your ERP vendor.

Increase data security

ERP application holds all the confidential data of the company, naturally keeping it secure is uttermost important. It is often mistaken that on-site server is more secure than cloud-based one. This, however, is completely untrue. Cloud ERP systems offer multiple layers of encryption to enhance the security level of your important data, making sure they are safely stored. Employees can have access to this through an individual account, which can be controlled by the management from the admin panel.

Simplify complexity

With cloud computing ERP, all business processes are streamlined. Employees can be given unique access to the stored data based on their job role. For this, they don’t need to be physically present in any particular department or location. If you use the same system, you would be able to follow same processes from anywhere. This simplified operation frees up valuable time and energy of the employees and they can focus on generating new ideas leading to opportunities for business growth.

Continuous support

Every server requires proper maintenance in order to retain their efficiency. An on-premise system needs your IT staff to perform this task. But in cloud-hosted ones, the ERP vendors own the server and hence provide continuous support to maintain them. In this, any type of issues is fixed quickly. Service providers also try to keep all the solutions up-to-date so you get important updates on the newly introduced features immediately. This increases the overall security of the system as outdated software programs are more prone to hackers’ attacks.

The current trend indicates small and medium-sized enterprises to consider using cloud computing. With the support of this technology, organizations would be able to access numerous benefits of ERP that we have outlined above. It would help businesses stay competitive and run efficiently.

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