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Are you tired of navigating complex processes and outdated systems in your real estate and construction business?

It's time to use our cutting-edge software solutions to usher in a new era of productivity and efficiency. Bid farewell to labor-intensive jobs for a future of more efficient operations and higher profits.

Being designed to fulfill the needs of the real estate and construction sectors, our software provides an extensive toolkit aimed at streamlining all facets of your enterprise. These solutions offer a seamless platform to drive performance, whether you're managing real estate listings, supervising construction projects, keeping track of spending, or evaluating market trends.

The flexibility of our software solutions is what really makes us unique. Regardless of the size of your company—a mid-sized real estate agency or a huge construction company—our software can be customized to fulfill your business's unique needs. This gives way to a smoother integration into your current workflows, allowing you to easily handle every aspect of your business.

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Realestate ERP

Imagine having instant access to crucial data and insights that empower informed decision-making. Our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities enable you to gain access to the valuable insights into market trends, identify investment opportunities, and strategize initiatives to maximize profitability.

Consider having immediate access to critical data and insights that enable informed decision-making. With the comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities of our business solutions, you can obtain valuable insights into market trends, find investment possibilities, and plan activities to optimize profitability.

But the benefits don't end there – our software offers more than operational support. It's a one-stop solution for end-to-end real estate management, handling everything from property listings to construction projects. With cloud-hosted and mobile-ready applications, you can access important information anytime, anywhere. Our customizable and integration-friendly software solutions ensure seamless integration with your existing systems. 360-degree reporting and analytics provide comprehensive insights into your business performance, while features like handling leasing complexities, intelligent sales strategies, and planned preventive maintenance provide maximum efficiency and revenue generation.

Are you ready to transform your real estate and construction business and catapult it into the future?

Accept the power of our innovative software solutions now. Explore the limitless possibilities and find out how we can help you reach your business objectives with confidence and comfort.

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The Preferred ERP Software For Real Estate & Construction Industry

The construction and real estate industry operates in a complex and disruptive ecosystem. Moving at a pace that is faster than other businesses; real estate faces many obstacles in all aspects of its operations. From planning, execution and costing to ensuring compliance with regulations and cash flow visibility, businesses in this industry can beat the competition only if they are equipped with robust, multi-capability real estate and construction ERP software systems to automate them.

The right ERP software provides comprehensive functionalities to enhance efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide visibility into cash flow.

Real Estate and Construction ERP Software

Issues Impacting The Industry

Despite being a strong performer, volatile economy and market fluctuations are taking a toll on Philippines’s real estate and construction sector. Inefficiency in handling these in the right way could pose considerable challenges that would impact the opportunities for growth and profitability of businesses.

Complex Regulatory Compliance

Real estate businesses have to deal with complex regulations and ensure compliance during multiple stages of each project.

Real-Time Accessibility Of Information

Businesses lack software that would provide them with real time updates about the status of various projects to take timely decisions.

Diverse Location Data

Capturing and managing information about projects that are spread across distant locations is challenging yet critical to gain a more accurate view of their operations.

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Key Features Of Our
Top ERP Software

There is hardly any industry segment that is untouched by the impact of ERP software. With 360-degree visibility and productivity, the rewards of an ERP implementation are even more visible now! Take a look at these key benefits that Focus Softnet’s ERP software can bring to your business.

erp software for real estate and construction

One Software to manage all business operations

Our ERP software systems can manage multiple projects, property units, locations and dealer operations from a single platform to offer better visibility and control. This frees businesses from the need of deploying multiple applications that can cause confusion.

erp software for real estate and construction

Planned preventive maintenance

Property management systems automate the process and perform property inspections based on previous records to generate insightful reports. This allows owners to schedule predictive and preventive maintenance on time and without missing any aspect.

erp software for real estate and construction

Handling leasing complexities

Every lease agreement is different and so are their terms. Real Estate & construction ERP solutions enable property owners to smoothly manage all aspects of lease including complex documentation processes and administration tasks.

erp software for real estate and construction

Smart sales to maximize revenue

The property management software is an effective tool to gauge lead generation progress from anywhere, keep track of follow-ups and remind salespersons to remain in close touch with prospects. It also allows buyers to access property-related information with ease.

What Features To Look For In Your Business Solution?

Project Management and Cost Control

Effective project management and cost control are vital for delivering projects on time and within budget. Real estate and construction ERP software provides robust project management modules that enable businesses to plan, schedule, and track project progress. These modules include features such as resource allocation, task management, milestone tracking, and budget monitoring. By providing real-time visibility into project data, construction management software for builders and contractors empowers them to make informed decisions, identify potential risks, and proactively manage project timelines and costs. Furthermore, integrated cost control functionalities within the construction accounting software enable businesses to track expenses, manage change orders, and ensure accurate billing and invoicing.

Resource and Equipment Management

Efficient management of resources and equipment is critical in the building and construction industry. Construction procurement software for the real estate and construction industry provides modules, enabling businesses to allocate and track resources, such as labor, equipment, and materials. With real-time visibility into resource availability, businesses can optimize resource utilization, schedule tasks effectively, and avoid conflicts or delays. Furthermore, the real estate ERP software facilitates equipment management by providing tools for tracking equipment usage, maintenance schedules, and inventory levels. This ensures that businesses can maximize the lifespan of equipment, minimize downtime, and optimize equipment procurement and maintenance processes.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Seamless supply chain management and efficient inventory control are crucial for building and construction businesses to avoid delays and cost overruns. Construction ERP solutions integrate all supply chain processes, allowing businesses to manage procurement, track orders, and monitor supplier performance. This integration enables real-time visibility into the supply chain, enabling enterprises to proactively manage inventory levels, prevent stockouts, and streamline material deliveries. Additionally, construction scheduling software offers inventory management features allowing businesses to track and control materials, manage stock levels, and automate reorder points. By optimizing supply chain and inventory management, building and construction businesses can minimize costs, reduce project delays, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) Systems

Effective management of human resources is vital in the building and construction industry, where skilled labor is in high demand. Construction business software often includes integrated HCM systems that streamline HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, training, performance management, and payroll. These systems automate administrative tasks, facilitate employee engagement, and provide real-time visibility into workforce data. With HCM integration, businesses can centralize employee information, manage certifications and licenses, track attendance, and ensure compliance with labor regulations. Additionally, advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enable enterprises to identify skill gaps, assess employee performance, and make data-driven decisions. By optimizing HR processes, building, and construction businesses can enhance workforce productivity, reduce costs, and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Document Management

The building and construction industry heavily relies on accurate and up-to-date documents. Cloud-based construction software offers document management capabilities, allowing businesses to centralize and organize project-related documents, including blueprints, contracts, permits, and specifications. By digitizing and automating document management processes, construction planning software ensures easy access, version control, and collaboration among project stakeholders. Additionally, these systems enable businesses to track document changes, maintain an audit trail, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Streamlining document management can improve project coordination, minimize errors, and enhance overall project efficiency.

Mobile and Field Management

The building and construction industry often spreads teams across various job sites. Construction task management software with mobile and field management capabilities allows businesses to extend ERP functionalities to remote locations. With mobile apps and devices, field workers can access project data, submit progress updates, and capture site information in real-time. This enables improved communication, enhances collaboration, and reduces delays in decision-making. Furthermore, mobile and field management features would allow businesses to capture time and attendance data, manage work orders, and track project costs more accurately. By leveraging these capabilities, businesses can increase productivity, streamline workflows, and improve project outcomes.

Step up your real estate and construction business operations with the leading ERP software

Real Estate Construction ERP Software - FAQs

What is Real Estate & Construction ERP Software?

Real Estate & Construction ERP Software is a business management solution used by real estate companies to manage their projects and increase efficiency in marketing and sales operations. It is equipped with robust tools to manage projects and automate different areas of marketing and sales.

Does Focus Softnet provide Real Estate & Construction ERP Software?

Yes. Focus Softnet provides Real Estate & Construction ERP Software best suited for property builders, property owners, agents, brokers, and other real estate firms.

What are the benefits of real estate and construction ERP software?

Real Estate and Construction ERP Software offers numerous benefits, including improved project management, better financial control, enhanced resource allocation, streamlined procurement processes, increased transparency, and better decision-making through access to real-time data and analytics.

What features does Real Estate and Construction ERP Software typically offer?

Real Estate and Construction ERP Software typically offers features such as project management, property management, financial management, budgeting and forecasting, contract management, asset management, procurement, document management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Does Real Estate & Construction ERP Software help in project management?

Real Estate and Construction ERP Software helps in project management by providing tools for project planning, scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, task management, progress tracking, and communication to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

Can Real Estate and Construction ERP Software manage property portfolios?

Yes, our Real Estate and Construction ERP Software can manage property portfolios by centralizing property information, tracking leases, managing tenant relationships, scheduling maintenance tasks, and generating financial reports for each property in the portfolio.

Can Real Estate and Construction ERP Software handle procurement processes?

Yes, our Real Estate and Construction ERP Software can handle procurement processes by streamlining supplier management, automating purchase orders, tracking material and equipment deliveries, managing subcontractors, and ensuring compliance with procurement policies.

How does Real Estate and Construction ERP Software support compliance management?

Real Estate and Construction ERP Software supports compliance management by providing tools for tracking regulatory requirements, managing permits and licenses, ensuring adherence to safety standards, and maintaining documentation for audits and inspections.

Can the software provide business intelligence and analytics?

Yes, our Real Estate and Construction ERP Software can provide business intelligence and analytics by generating tailored reports, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs), providing insights into project performance, financial metrics, resource utilization, and overall business operations.

In which cities of Philippines does Focus Softnet provide Real Estate & Construction ERP Software?

Focus Softnet provides Real Estate & Construction ERP Software in all major cities of Philippines, including Manila, Cebu City, Quezon City, Lipa, Caloocan, Calamba, Makati, Davao City, Cagayan de Oro, and Angeles.