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Importance of ERP Software in the Healthcare Sector

Aug 31, 2021

by Nandinee Biswas

As the Covid-19 pandemic persistently strains the hospital system, healthcare facilities needed a centralized platform to handle the severity of the situation.


HMS Software for Hospitals

HMS Software for Hospitals to Win the Battle Against Time

Sep 20, 2019

by Ahmed Zakria

If there is an industry that literally runs against time, it’s the healthcare industry. The dwindling resources, rising population and the continuous

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Hospitality Management ERP Software

Hospitality Management ERP Software: 8 Points of Comparison

Jun 01, 2019

by Nandinee Biswas

Cutthroat competition to provide personalized services and a battle of loyalty programs to attract customers are some of the aspects


healthcare erp system

Trends & Benefits of Healthcare ERP Software – 2019

Oct 17, 2019

by Nandinee Biswas

Over the years, the healthcare industry has evolved to support the changing patients’ needs and so does its requirements for ERP systems


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